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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 26 Recap

Lu Qi was assigned to take charge of the Queen’s trip. In Lu Qi’s view, this was a good opportunity to get ahead. Lu Hanxing sneaked into Lu Qi’s study and learned that Lu Qi was escorting the Queen on the trip. He found an opportunity to inquire about the news and compared the time and route. The guard arrangements were revealed to Hong Yide. Hong Yide knew that at this time, his relatives were all killed by the emperor. This time he would also kill the emperor’s wife, so that the emperor could taste the pain of losing his wife. Lu Yunji took all his family property and was naturally his enemy, so he decided to help Lu Hanxing kill Lu Qi at that time.

When the Supreme Emperor learned that the Queen was going to find Master Su, he thought that the queen did not put herself in the eyes and found an excuse to reject King Liang’s request. The Queen quickly explained that she was for the fifth son of the Supreme Emperor, Shijun, who had died young to Sutian. When the teacher asked for a ritual, the Supreme Emperor gave up his anger. He even praised the queen as thoughtful, and decided to go to Fengtian to see Master Su with the queen.

King Liang learned that the queen wanted Master Su to show Fu Rou’s appearance. I filed a complaint with the Supreme Emperor, but the Supreme Emperor missed Shijun and was very dissatisfied with King Liang that he only thought of women. If Master Su Tian said that Fu Rou and King Liang had no relationship, then don’t force it. The emperor suddenly rewarded King Zhou with a lot of good things. King Zhou was a bit unsure, so he was just happy, but when he knew that Fu Rou was going to Fengtian Temple with the Queen, he knew that his marriage with Fu Rou was hopeless.

After Sheng Chumu knew that the queen was going to Fengtian Temple, he went to Fengtian Temple one step earlier to find Su Tianshi, who was obsessed with chess, and lost one hundred and seven games in a row, but Su Tianshi saw that Sheng Chumu’s chess path was novel. I kept pestering Sheng Chumu to ask him to play another game with himself. Sheng Chumu lost a bit and drank a lot of alcohol during lunch. After eating, he pretended to be drunk and said that he had an exquisite chess book in his hand.

Su Tianshi is obsessed with chess. Sheng Chumu took the opportunity to make a bet with Su Tianshi. If he wins, Su Tianshi promises him one thing. If he loses, he will give Linglong chess book to Su Tianshi. , Su Tianshi agreed. Sheng Chumu thought that he could win against Tianshi Su, but he didn’t expect that he was eager to win, but he lost to Tianshi Su, willing to bet, and Sheng Chumu could only give the Linglong chess book to Tianshi Su.

After playing chess, Master Su went to receive the Queen and the Supreme Emperor. Master Yuan in the Taoist Temple was doing alchemy. To ensure success, he asked him to get the robe left by his master. The robe turned from blue to red. Master Yuan felt this was ominous. Omen, just not knowing what to do, Fu Rou passed by and heard that Master Yuan was having a headache about the color of the robe, so she took the initiative to ask.

After a few simple questions, she learned how the robe changed color, and said that she had a way. Turning the robes back to blue, Fu Rou helped Master Yuan dye the robes back blue. When Master Yuan was happy, Fu Rou had already left. In order to express his gratitude, Master Yuan gave two of the ten pills he made to Fu Rou, which can cure hundreds of poisons and live a life.

Both the Supreme Emperor and the Queen sent someone to ask Master Su to speak for themselves, but Master Su said that he always told the truth and would not succumb to the nobles. They had no choice but to let Master Su see the face for Fu Rou, and Master Su looked at him. Looking at Fu Rou’s face, she said that Fu Rou had a very good face and was a person of good fortune.

Master Su Tian said only half of his words. King Liang couldn’t help but ask Fu Rou. Fu Rou was shocked, but the queen couldn’t. Contrary to the meaning of the Supreme Emperor, Master Su hurriedly said that he had not finished speaking. He said that although Fu Rou had good fortune, he was opposed to the royal man. If King Liang married Fu Rou, the heirs would have problems. The Supreme Emperor heard this.

Then, he immediately rejected King Liang’s request, and King Zhou was also a prince, so naturally he was not suitable for marrying Fu Rou. Everyone didn’t know that the words of Master Su had been entrusted by Sheng Chumu, and there was still one piece missing from the Exquisite Chess Book obtained by Su Tianshi. In order to obtain a complete Exquisite Chess Book, Tian Master Su could only compromise with Sheng Chumu.

After talking about Fu Rou, the queen left Tianshi Su alone to ask him about her life limit. Tianshi Su hesitated and told the queen that she had less than three years, but if Fu Rou could stay with the queen , It will help the queen’s luck, and it will be of great use in the future.

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