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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 30 Recap

Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun were called by Yang Wanjin. The list of the launch team has been confirmed. Xia Zhuo will be the trumpeter of the test and launch control, Ouyang Jun will be the communications trumpeter, and Lin Anbang will be responsible for driving. Ouyang Jun and Xia Zhuo were stunned at the same time. The trumpeter of the survey and launch control represented that he wanted to press the launch button to shoot the hundredth missile, and his name would also be on the honor wall of the brigade embassy. Ouyang Jun said congratulations to Xia Zhuo absently, and turned to find Lu Zheng.

Ouyang Jun was a little dissatisfied with the launch team. Lu Zheng was upset when he knew that he hadn’t become a test and launch control trumpeter, but everyone knew that the test and launch control trumpeter was the most powerful, but there was only one in a car group. Ouyang Jun decided to withdraw from the launch vehicle group, and Lu Zheng patiently guided him.

After all, he participated in this launch. The collective honor is also very important, but Ouyang Jun felt that other than the best, it was of little significance to him. Lu Zheng sighed and simply told him that he had also prepared a backup unit. In principle, whoever arrived at the position first and who launched the missile first, Lu Zheng asked Ouyang Jun to be the test and launch control trumpeter of the backup unit. Lu Zheng asked Ouyang Jun to choose soldiers at will.

Except for Lang Yongcheng, Ouyang Jun’s eyes were unbelievable and full of hope. Shao Shuai was very angry when he heard about it. Lu Zheng didn’t tell him about it. Lu Zheng decided that they are now in a competitive relationship. Only when there is competition can they have enthusiasm. Moreover, one veteran in Yang Wanjin’s group leads three recruits, Ouyang Jun The group happened to be three veterans with one recruit, and it happened to be a confrontation between the old and the new. Shao Shuai agreed after thinking about it.

Yi Zimeng took the children to practice in the camp. The principal rushed back to his hometown and gave the children to Yi Zimeng so that Liang Nuo and Xiaoxuan would take care of the children. After the missile was overhauled and passed, Hou Jidong couldn’t help but fell asleep sleepily, and Chen Haofeng didn’t bother him either. The mountain collapsed and the road was closed, so the principal had to drive back, and met Lao Xue on the road, saying that he was in charge of the military-civilian joint defense mission. After the principal left, Old Xue picked up a big rock and set up a camera to take pictures.

Li Mang suddenly reported that Ouyang Jun had been transferred to the backup unit and he was in charge of the position of the trumpeter. Yang Wanjin felt a little foolish, and just then the backup unit came, saying that it had the same or even surpassing qualifications as the main unit. Yang Wanjin was very dissatisfied and hurriedly boosted morale. The hundredth missile must have been launched from their hands. Before boarding the car, Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun gave each other a meaningful look.

There are many difficulties for the battle blade company’s 100th missile launch mission, such as blocking mountain roads, bad weather, and intensive satellite flight time, but Lu Zheng is confident that there is no difficulty that the battle blade company cannot overcome. The launch position assigned by An Lei is 200 kilometers away, and it is almost impossible to reach it within 24 hours if the road along the way is blocked. No one thought that the hundredth missile would become a war between Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun, but Xia Zhuo understood that he had to succeed. He must become the trumpeter of the 270th brigade to launch the hundredth missile.

Old Xue took a picture of the missile vehicle vehicle information. At this time, the principal came back suddenly. He found that Old Xue had hidden his mobile phone to sell the content that he had just photographed. The principal was a veteran who knew the rules and snatched the bag directly. Old Xue took out a knife and injured him, and the principal fainted. On the other side, the main unit and the backup unit are racing against time, and Commander Zhuo is responsible for the guarantee task, and he can’t help but feel unconvinced.

When the principal woke up, there were no people around and the car was driven away by Old Xue. The principal hurriedly returned to the camp and asked Yi Zimeng to report the news of Lao Xue’s espionage activities. Yan Yibing hurried back after receiving the news that the principal was injured. It was time for the first satellite to fly, and Yang Wanjin asked Lin Anbang to stop.

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