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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 25 Recap

The taro on this side squeezed Ma Shanshan off the stool, and Lu Jing on the other side sent Liang Chen home, and ran into the room with the excuse of wanting to drink water. He hugged Liang from behind while Liang Chen received the water. Chen, Liang Chen smiled and held Lu Jing’s hand. The happiness was beyond words. Young boys and girls burst into emotions. Lu Jing could not suppress his inner love and hugged Liang Chen on the sofa, and planned to stay here. Unexpectedly, Liang Chen rejected Lu Jing, claiming that he was unwell and sent Lu Jing back. Lu Jing Reluctant to give up, but also had to leave.

Qi Qi always pestered Gu Feiming to play games every day. Gu Feiming asked Lu Jing for help because he was afraid of revealing stuff. However, Lu Jing said that he would not take any other women to play games except for his girlfriend, and also hoped that Gu Feiming would go with him. Qi Qi confessed. When Lu Jing returned to the dormitory, he happened to hear Zhou Zhou and Liu Er talking about him and Gu Feiming. They all blamed themselves for misunderstanding Lu Jing and Gu Feiming and almost made a joke. Lu Jing was so angry that they asked them to confess what they had done behind the scenes.

Several people had no choice but to confess. Lu Jing wanted to punish several people but was threatened by several people at the same time. He and Liang Chen had already been taken before. If Lu Jing disagrees, he will make the matter of the two people public. At the same time, he also asked Lu Jing to wash their socks together. Lu Jing had no choice but to take a bag of socks and went to Liang Chen’s house to borrow the washing machine, and had to agree to go to Liang Chen’s concert.

Ke Ke is Lu Jing’s iron fan, and I heard that Lu Jing is Herman, so he immediately asked him to sign, just like a little fan. What Zhou Zhou and the few people had always wanted was a photo and autograph with Liang Chen. Ke Ke immediately agreed, and drove them to the restaurant after finishing work. Liang Chen waited there early in the morning.

When Liang Chen saw that Lu Jing was sweetly spreading dog food, Zhou Zhou and the others were also stunned. When they saw Liang Chen, they all took off their coats and revealed their T-shirts. They were more handsome than those who asked Liang Chen to sign, and Lu Jing did not show any weakness. He showed off his T-shirt and asked Liang Chen to sign for him the most handsome of all. Liang Chen met everyone’s requirements one by one, and finally came a friendly group photo.

The taro pretended to be a takeaway to deliver food to Ma Shanshan. Ma Shanshan simply offered to eat the buns from the bun shop in the community. He just didn’t want to listen to the taro being next to Luo Liba’s talking. Although the taro was surprised at Ma Shanshan’s huge appetite , A table of takeaways even had buns to eat, but I still obediently bought them.

It was snowing outside, and a long line of taro finally arrived in front of the bun stall, and called Ma Shanshan to ask her what stuffed buns she would like to eat. Ma Shanshan was stunned for a while, she did not expect taro would really buy bun. But in the end Ma Shanshan still said what he wanted to eat. When the taro took out the steaming buns in his arms to Ma Shanshan, Ma Shanshan’s heart was moved. Ma Shanshan asked if the purpose of Taro approaching him was because he wanted to know her story, but Taro said he knew the story of Ma Shanshan.

Once, Taro forgot to take her cell phone, and ran back to the studio to find a cell phone. He saw Ma Shanshan singing on the stage drums. Once Ma Shanshan drank too much, the waiter used her phone to call Taro. , Taro has also seen Ma Shanshan cry in pain while drinking. The reason why Ma Shanshan plays a comedy is to make everyone laugh and to be happy. She laughed at everyone, but she still couldn’t make herself happy. The painful Ma Shanshan said that she had made herself a joke and lost her best friend. From then on, Taro wanted to get close to Ma Shanshan. Tell Ma Shanshan if she wanted to eat steamed buns, but Ma Shanshan unceremoniously drove the taro away, as if she didn’t want her to see herself. The most vulnerable side.

Lu Jing is about to participate in the big data competition in the school. He deliberately supervised and encouraged each other with his roommates. He also came to Liang Chen to inform Liang Chen that he might not visit Liang Chen often during his preparations for the competition, and he also naughty instructed Liang Chen. Don’t miss him too much.

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