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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 19 Recap

Li Junjie replied the code with the computer, but was discovered by the glasses, but did not expose him. Chen Jingwen finally waited for the news, she hurriedly told Meng Liang excitedly that Li Junjie was still alive. Meng Liang asked her why she was sure. Chen Jingwen said that she had recombined the code to make the dark web, and only Li Junjie knew about it. Meng Liang believed that Ruan Taiyuan did not kill Li Junjie, and there must be a problem.

Ruan Taiyuan controlled Zhou Zixuan, used her to check and balance Li Junjie, and let them leave when they got the vx3. Glasses found Li Junjie alone, and did not report that he was using the computer, but wanted to join his team. Li Junjie is a bit skeptical, but I heard that because his sister was raped by a cyclops in Adwang two months ago and got a strange disease, he must save her. Li Junjie asked him to help, that is, to give Zhou Zixuan food and talk, and let her take care of herself. Glasses said that he is a computer expert, and he can definitely help him.

Calais asked Ruan Taiyuan if he used the person Li Junjie ordered himself. Ruan Taiyuan thinks that Li Junjie has a vision, and he will not fight an unprepared battle. Chen Jingwen re-sent a code, but she hasn’t waited until Li Junjie’s new reply is very anxious. Meng Liang asked her not to worry. The Ruan Taiyuan organization was not like her, and she was free to do anything. There may be two reasons, one is that Ruan Taiyuan likes Li Junjie, and the other is that Li Junjie is useful to Ruan Taiyuan.

Calais chose some people for Li Junjie, and Li Junjie only needs Zhou Zixuan. Ruan Taiyuan called Zhou Zixuan in, saying that he was very suspicious, and prepared a small gift for them. One shot was a chemical product and the other was an antidote. He threatened Li Junjie. If he didn’t bring back vx3 within 72 hours, the poison would be fatal.

Chen Jingwen still did not receive Li Junjie’s message, and Meng Liang asked her how she got in. Chen Jingwen recalled the details, and Meng Liang cleared up the ins and outs, thinking that Ruan Taiyuan wanted to use Li Junjie against Mu Chuan, and only by cracking the chip could he find the inside story of both sides.

Li Junjie hugged Zhou Zixuan tightly, the poison in her body had already reacted. Calais said that when he gets vx3, he will kill Mou Chuan, as well as Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan. Ruan Taiyuan was hypocritical, saying that he was reluctant to bear the two of them.

Mu Chuan asked Maya to check Zhou Zixuan’s position, but he kept shutting down without a clue. He was very anxious, remembering what Ruan Taiyuan said might be true. Mou Chuan was very anxious and asked Amanda to argue, wanting to know about Zhou Zixuan. Amanda asked Mou Chuan to deal with Li Junjie’s case first, deliberately saying that Zhou Zixuan is currently missing. Mu Chuan could only find Shi Yunhao and ask him to communicate with Amanda, because Amanda could not go to Mu Chuan.

When Shi Yunhao found Amanda, he said that he wanted to find Zhou Zixuan and hoped that Amanda could give him some news. Amanda showed Shi Yunhao something. At this moment, Maya found a clue to Ruan Taiyuan’s organization, and speculated that some mercenaries from Ruan Taiyuan’s organization would arrive in Bacheng in the near future. Shi Yunhao hoped to notify the Bacheng police as soon as possible, suspecting that Zhou Zixuan might be in this group of mercenaries and Mu Chuan stopped him.

Mu Chuan told Jiang Hua to help Shi Yunhao and beware of Ruan Taiyuan. Chen Jingwen tried many methods, but couldn’t crack the chip. After Meng Liang came back, he found out that Mandala had entered the Ruan Taiyuan organization.

Calais prepared a safe house and asked Li Junjie to tell him all the plans, and Li Junjie kept it secret for the time being. Amanda was curious, and Shi Yunhao went to the safe with Mu Chuan and asked him to take him to see too. When Yunhao hesitated, Amanda said that the headquarters found that there were more than one or two ghosts in Mo Shi. Li Junjie quietly told Zhou Zixuan to let her follow the glasses and lead others away.

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