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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 49 End Recap

On the eve of the storm, Chang Ge sat in the suburban forest with Ashyl Falcon. Chang Ge mentioned the confidants left by Ashyl Falcon. She agreed to Ashyl Falcon. In this life, there was Ashyl Falcon, so she was enough. Afterwards, Chang Ge asked about the connection between Ashyl Falcon and Li Jing. Ashyl Falcon said that he had met Li Jing before leaving Chang’an. He reached a consensus with Li Jing and he re-held the Eagle Master to help Li Jing break Dingxiang.

In the end, Li Jing helped him rescue the Great Khan. The two enjoyed the warmth of the moment before the war. Ashley Falcon mentioned the three things that Changge had promised him before. The second thing he wanted Changge to do was to stop Changge from saying sorry and thank you in the future. As for the third matter, he believes that the future will be long and the two will have time to talk about it slowly.

Ashele Falcon and Chang Ge returned to the camp, Gao Du had also come to join the army, Li Jing’s scouts all the way to detect Yi Cheng’s troops, he sent people to surprise. Another scout has not returned. Ashelefalcon decided to lead a hawk to investigate the news. Changge and Gaodu stayed behind in the big account to deal with the emergency situation.

Raymond led the elite guard Sheer to leave. After he found out, there were chasing soldiers, so Turuk took Sheer away first. Sheer hopes that Lei Meng will stop, but Lei Meng is angry at She’er’s inadequacy and asks Turuk to forcibly lead Sheer away. Mu Jin and Ashley Falcon led the Eagles to arrive, Mu Jin led a team to stay to deal with Raymond, and Ashley Falcon led another team to chase Sheer.

Raymond killed Mimi, and Mu Jin personally killed Raymond to avenge Mimi. He believed that Raymond would only obey orders in his life and would never understand what feelings are. Raymond denied Mu before his death. King’s words, he is not obeying orders, but making promises, some promises he needs to keep in his lifetime.

Ashley Falcon led the Eagle Master to stop Sheer and Master Xiong, and Sheer asked Master Xiong to let him down. He wanted to fight Ashley Falcon. The two drew their swords and faced each other, but Sheer put down the sword in his hand and wanted to die by the hands of Ashyl Falcon. Only Ashyl Falcon’s sword was stained with his blood in the world. Ashley Falcon stopped in time. He saved Sheer from having to punish herself for other people’s faults. Master Xiong was brought by Sheer. He returned the knife to Sheer and asked Sheer to take the brothers of Master Xiong.

Live a free life. The two have always been brothers. Ashley Falcon believes that after the grassland war is over and the grass grows new shoots, he and Sheer will see each other again, and they can drink horse milk wine together for a real contest. The two separated in this way, Ashle Falcon ordered the Eagle Division to release the Xiong Division, and let Sheer lead his troops to the west. The farther he went, the better. Don’t get involved in these right and wrong battles.

Li Jing was very fast and broke through the enemy army in Dingxiang. Gao Du led his army to catch Yicheng, but Yicheng was not in the carriage at all. Instead, the leaders of the tribes were persuaded to surrender. Yi Cheng didn’t flee with the army. Chang Ge guessed that Yi Cheng didn’t want to escape at all. The army went to Dingxiang Palace.

Yi Cheng had been waiting for the army to arrive in the main hall long ago. Chang Ge came to see Yi Cheng alone. Yi Cheng mentioned her bumpy life. She was just a clan girl. The most glorious day of her life was the day when she was Feng Da Sui Princess, so she dedicated all her life to Sui. Thirty years have passed, and she has been trapped in the grassland for thirty years, but her heart has never left Da Sui, even if Da Sui’s homeland is still there, her Da Sui is gone.

Changge wants Yicheng to follow her back to Chang’an. She believes that Li Shimin will keep Yi. Yicheng has not asked for any redemption or forgiveness for this humiliation, but she still has to thank Changge for being with her on this last journey. . When the words fell, Yi Cheng pushed down the candlestick and wanted to die with Long Song. As soon as the Ashele Falcon outside the palace arrived, he only rushed towards the palace, only because Long Song was still trapped in the palace.

Gao Du hurried back to the mansion during the great victory of Dingxiang. He told Du Ruhui the news of the great victory. Du Ruhui was already dying of illness. He tried his last breath to meet Gao Du and Le Yan for the last time, hoping that the two could join hands for a lifetime. All his life was dedicated to Datang, and he has no regrets. On the other hand, Li Shimin mistakenly thought that Li Changge was buried in the sea of ​​fire. He wept bitterly. He wanted to know what the last words of the Changge were. Li Jing didn’t understand Li Changge, so he only made up a few.

Li Shimin knew Li Jing’s fabricating as soon as he heard it. Li Jing had no choice but to say. Long Song and A Shile Falcon wanted to go back to Yamada, and Long Song was unwilling to reveal where she went. He only asked Li Shimin to erase her name from the history books. Since then, there will be no Li Changge in the world. Although Chang Ge is unwilling to return to Chang’an City, as long as she is alive safely, Li Shimin will be satisfied and hope that the prosperous Tang Dynasty he created will be as long as Chang Ge wishes.

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