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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 47 Recap

Yicheng personally confessed to Ashley Falcon that the Great Khan was her victim. She had blood stained on her hands in order to let the Great Khan sit on the throne. She personally killed Atta of Sheer. Sheer was shocked when she heard these words in the dark. He always thought that his Atta was killed by a sudden illness, and he never thought that his Ana was killed. Yi Cheng is Da Sui’s daughter. She only has Da Sui in her heart. Although Sheer’s Atta loves her, but only with him, she will never revive Da Sui. In her heart, the grassland is nothing more than a prison for her. Her road of restoration has come to this point, and it is absolutely impossible for her to stop here.

Shuyu sent a congratulatory gift of Long Song to Gao Du and Le Yan. Long Song’s embroidery skills were not good, but he still studied from Xiu Niang earnestly. He rushed to work and gave Le Yan an embroidery fan, and Shu Yu also gave a pair of mandarin ducks. As a gift. Changge left Chang’an for Dingxiang. Le Yan was worried about this. Gao Du comforted Le Yan. Li Shimin sent Li Jing to Dingxiang. Changge was smart and smart, and he would be fine.

Now that Du Ruhui is seriously ill, Gao Du and Le Yan’s wedding date has not arrived, and Gao both have an unsympathetic invitation, but he is afraid that Le Yan will be wronged. Le Yan knows that Gao Du is thinking about it. After the marriage, she was going to hold a small ceremony in Du Mansion, so that Du Ruhui watched the two get married and fulfilled her wish.

Li Jing led the troops to suppress the territory, and Ashle had few soldiers. In order to save the situation, Yi Cheng ordered someone to heal Mu Jin and let Ashyl Falcon see the Great Khan. Now Ashyl Falcon is all concerned about this. Two people, if she didn’t let Ashley Falcon see these two people, how could she let Ashley Falcon use it for her.

Ashley Falcon came to see the Great Khan. Seeing that the Great Khan had returned to this appearance, Ashley Falcon was worried in his heart. In order to save the Great Khan, he had to take orders from Yicheng and write a military order by himself, telling Mu Jin assembled the elite eagle divisions in front of Chaintech within five days.

Sheer got drunk and came to find Mi Mi. He was in pain because he knew all the truth. The Great Khan shot his little wolf to separate his feelings with Ashley Falcon, and his Ana killed his Ah. The tower caused the Great Khan to become seriously ill. All of this is a lie and a scam. Seeing Sheer drunk to tears, Mimi also softly left Sheer here for a night.

The Eagle Master has gathered the elite in front of Cheng Qi’s gate, but Yi Cheng did not intend to let Ashley Falcon lead the troops out. She just wanted to use the Eagle Master to win the battle, and the only person who gave the order was A Shi. Le Falcon and the Great Khan, the seriously ill Great Khan is also one of her chess pieces. Yicheng stayed in Ashley Falcon’s cell. She was waiting for the Hawker to leave, but Ashley had a plan. He had previously told Mu Jin secretly, letting General Mu Jin order the fire, his real plan It was for Mu Jin to rescue the Great Khan and vote for Li Tang.

Mu Jin rescued the Great Khan according to the original plan. Yicheng learned of Ashley’s cunning. She ordered the falconer to be killed in an extremely angry manner. She also asked the leaders of Ashyl’s tribes to come to Dingxiang. She wanted to kill a hundred. Since he came to Dingxiang, Ashley Falcon has not planned to go back alive, but he has been thinking about the long song in his heart, I am afraid that he will break his promise in his life.

Both Le Yan and Gao simply organized the wedding in Du Mansion, and the two finally became married after sufferings. Gao Du was ready to set off to Dingxiang after the wedding to assist Li Jing in eradicating Yicheng.

Chang Ge came to the outside of Dingxiang City alone, and she was thinking about how to get into the city. Xufeng, Shuyu, and Pearl came to her. They all came to help Changge. This time they will accompany Changge to advance and retreat together to help Changge save her sweetheart. Pearl has the token of King Monan. The group of them easily mixed into Dingxiang City. Changge used a code to contact Mimi. Mimi was with Sheer. The two of them read Changge’s letter, Sheer. Without hesitation, he agreed to help Changge, who wanted to know the detailed layout of the palace is not difficult for him.

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