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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 28 Recap

When Lang Yongcheng saw Lin Anbang drove the car back, the first question he asked was how was the car and how was the bomb. Lu Zheng quickly called Lin Anbang over. He was very pleased to hear that Lin Anbang had passed eighteen bends. Lu Zheng also praised Lang Yongcheng’s picking eyes. There was nothing wrong with the car, and the bomb needed further inspection. Lin Anbang fainted directly in front of Lang Yongcheng because he was too nervous.

The horn of the People’s Liberation Army sounded again, Liang Nuo took out his mobile phone, but Xia Zhuo never responded. Xiaoxuan came to feed the goose early in the morning, but found that the big goose was gone. Lin Anbang pretended to sleep in the sanitation team. Yan Yibing came to deliver him food. Lin Anbang demanded her to feed him, hearing her tell Lu Zheng to get up. Yan Yibing still admired Lin Anbang’s ability to drive the guided missile car back.

Lin Anbang was a little shy. The ammunition had been sent to the standby warehouse for inspection, and Yan Yibing asked Lin Anbang to help out after eating. As a result, Lin Anbang’s tail was almost uplifted. When Lu Zheng came, Lin Anbang suddenly felt guilty again, and was cleaned up and rushed to the standby warehouse.

In the standby library. Chen Haofeng, Hou Jidong, Xia Zhuo, and Ouyang Jun were inspecting the missiles. Lang Yongcheng stood by. He cried very sadly when he saw the battalion commander coming. After driving for so many years, he broke the missile and asked for punishment. An Lei asked the battalion commander to take Lang Yongcheng to the hospital for a complete medical report.

Now his eyes are the most important. Although the transfer task came suddenly, the damage was the damage, and An Lei could only report the truth. He was even more worried that Lang Yongcheng’s head would be injured. The four veterans of Lang Yongcheng, Hou Jidong, Chen Haofeng, and Wang Xianmin are like big weights, but they will be discharged sooner or later. Who will be the big weights at that time. The political commissar and An Lei decided to give Lin Anbang a credit and also decided to be punished together.

Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong inspected the damage of the missile. They can inspect the missiles one by one. It takes about a month. Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun want to find the rock so that the problem can be found. They also use a computer to simulate and let Chen Haofeng. He and Hou Jidong also lamented their greatness. Listening to the sound of the horn every day, Liang Nuo became more and more worried, and took out his mobile phone to send a message to Xia Zhuo.

The doctor made Lang Yongcheng mentally prepared, but his eyes were kept, but his eyes were irreversibly impacted, and he might suffer from presbyopia. As for whether he could drive, it depends on his recovery. Lang Yongcheng’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom. On the holiday, Lang Yongcheng sadly drank with the battalion commander. He was sorry for the army. He did not expect that he had been a soldier for so many years, and finally broke his eyes.

Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun were still in the standby warehouse for maintenance, and finally completed the missile self-inspection program. Xia Zhuo asked Ouyang Jun to be responsible for the main explanation. Ouyang Jun said that he was only assisting him and did not accept it. Hou Jidong and Chen Haofeng have found the damaged component, and even replaced it. Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun looked wondering how they found it out. Although Chen Haofeng was empirical, he decided to try their procedure, but he was puzzled that the damaged area they estimated was the opposite. Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong asked them to go back to rest, and Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun were inevitably frustrated.

Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun still couldn’t understand why they were completely opposite. The veteran did have experience, but Xia Zhuo was more willing to believe in science and data. An Lei issued a missile launch mission to War Blade Company with a hundred shots, but unfortunately, the missile to be launched is the one under maintenance. Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai had a headache. They had never fired overhauled bombs. Once a problem broke out, these four words were over. There are less than 20 hours before twelve noon tomorrow. It will take 19 hours to complete the overhaul. The best team can’t be set up. After all, Hou Jidong and Chen Haofeng have not rested for more than 70 hours for overhaul. , Lang Yongcheng’s eyes hurt again.

Soon, the overhaul found the problem, and Chen Haofeng realized that the fault was in the conclusions of Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun. Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai went to the brigade headquarters, hoping to be able to issue another ammunition, but the brigade specially equipped the latest missiles for this mission. Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai hurriedly stated that this bomb would not be replaced, but hoped that this launch will only use the war blade company and no other companies. They will definitely complete the task! On the way back, Lu Zheng thought about it for a long time, and decided to replace him with a new person for this launch.

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