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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 6 Recap

Ma Qiming and the mayor met in the villa. The police were responsible for the security of the entire meeting, Mo Shi also participated, and Chen Haodong was responsible for the implementation of the security of the entire itinerary. With safety preparations, Chen Haodong led Ma Qiming into the room, ready to wait for the mayor to arrive. Ma Qiming believes that there is no need to go to war.

He wants to take VX3 away and return to work in Chonghai as soon as possible, but he is not happy that the entire venue is closed tightly and hopes that Chen Haodong will open the curtains so that he has a better vision. When Chen Haodong opened the curtains, a bullet came in from outside the window and hit the wall.

The scene was tense, everyone raised their attention and ran to the rooftop from the window position and found that Li Junjie was holding a sniper rifle and aimed at the window of the meeting. No one listened to Li Junjie’s explanation. The police took Li Junjie for questioning. Inspector Wu believed that he was trying to kill Ma Qiming. Li Junjie closed his eyes and recalled the whole process. Zhou Zixuan thinks this is a trap, and Shi Yunhao thinks that all the evidence is not good for Li Junjie, and Zhou Zixuan wants to ask Mu Chuan for help.

Mou Chuan brought Zhou Zixuan to the police station to see Li Junjie. Mu Chuan saw him alone and asked him why he was alone on the rooftop and why the phone could not be connected. Li Junjie asked Mu Chuan with the video recorder. Ma Qiming’s location was very close to the sniper spot, and he came to the rooftop by himself without anyone guarding him. Mou Chuan said he was the murderer and didn’t want to really help him.

Mou Chuan didn’t plan to save Li Junjie, and asked Zhou Zixuan not to waste time on him. Without his own approval, he could not approach Li Junjie alone. Shi Yunhao asked Uncle Qin for help, hoping that he would ask the police station for help, so that he and Zhou Zixuan could see Li Junjie. Zhou Zixuan kept asking why Uncle Qin helped him. Shi Yunhao confessed that he was actually Ma Qiming’s son, and Uncle Qin was Ma Qiming’s butler, but his relationship with Ma Qiming and his son was not harmonious. Zhou Zixuan contacted the headquarters by phone and hoped that they could help.

Shi Yunhao told Zhou Zixuan to stay calm and calm enough. Zhou Zixuan was very scared. Since Li Junjie came back, dangerous things have been happening. I hope that the external force sent by the headquarters can investigate the matter clearly and return Li Junjie to his innocence. Shi Yunhao believed that there was an ulterior secret behind this incident.

Amanda from the headquarters sent someone to help Zhou Zixuan, because she was a close friend of Zhou Zixuan’s mother, who grew up watching Zhou Zixuan. Shi Yunhao only saw Li Junjie for five minutes, and Zhou Zixuan had been waiting anxiously while the two were chatting. Li Junjie told Shi Yunhao about the incident. He received an email saying that someone wanted to be unfavorable to Ma Qiming. He observed that there was a problem with the roof guard, and when he arrived at the scene, he was surrounded by police and Moshi people.

Li Junjie was not sure where this letter came from, and told Shi Yunhao that the reason for leaving Zhou Zixuan three years ago was the threat from Calais. I had received three letters before, each of which was accurate information, and only this time, it was a trap. He told Shi Yunhao not to investigate the matter and left with Zhou Zixuan. After Shi Yunhao came out, he told Zhou Zixuan what Li Junjie had said, and also told her why Li Junjie left without saying goodbye three years ago. Zhou Zixuan said that he would find the person who sent the fourth letter as soon as possible, so that Li Junjie’s innocence could be returned as soon as possible.

Zhou Zixuan brought the police in Bacheng to assist Maya and requested that Li Junjie’s mobile phone be restored as soon as possible. Mu Chuan became anxious, so he asked Shi Yunhao for help and asked him to follow up the case of Li Junjie, but Zhou Zixuan was not allowed to interfere, so as not to affect his safety. Mu Chuan approached Zhou Zixuan. Maya could not find evidence for the time being. Ma Xiaojun did not believe that Li Junjie would kill.

Mu Chuan recalled that Zhou Zixuan admired him for catching bad guys, but he was disgusted that Zhou Zixuan always contacted the headquarters behind his back. Zhou Zixuan said that Chen Gang died three years ago. There are rumors that Mu Chuan wants to find out, and she can also restore Mu Chuan’s innocence. Mou Chuan said that he was innocent and he didn’t need to prove it.

After Maya decrypted it, she found that the email had been deleted. Zhou Zixuan confessed that the previous email was sent by herself and hoped that Li Junjie would not trust the email in the future, but she did not expect that the fourth email was sent by herself. She wanted to get Li Junjie back in this way, but she didn’t expect to harm him, so she was very sad. Li Junjie didn’t blame her, he wanted to kiss her through the prison.

Six years ago, Zhou Zixuan made a good dish. When Mu Chuan came back, she took out her resume and wanted to invest in Bacheng Moss. He wanted to be a hero like Mu Chuan and catch the bad guys all over the world.

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