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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 28 Recap

It was precisely because of Liu Pei’s resolute attitude that she ruthlessly criticized Shen Ruoxin in public, which greatly insulted her. Colleagues were talking about the New Energy Ministry being slaughtered. You Sijia informed Qi Xiao of the situation and lamented that Shen Ruoxin was in a difficult situation. When Shen Ruoxin was considering a solution, he did not expect that Qi Xiao suddenly went to Liu Pei and offered to resign, blocking all responsibilities.

Shen Ruoxin called Xu Minjie, but there was no way to deal with it, until she found that Qi Xiao was packing up and leaving the company, she couldn’t help but complain. Knowing that Qi Xiao resigned for herself, she couldn’t help feeling deep frustration. However, Qi Xiao didn’t care. He would leave sooner or later, so he could help Shen Ruoxin solve big problems before leaving, which was equivalent to killing two birds with one stone.

Although Qi Xiao is not in the company, he also pays attention to Shen Ruoxin all the time. Without the constraints of the company’s rules and regulations, it is easier for two people to fall in love. Qi Xiao plans for the next career and plans to reinvest in the online store business, doing the design he likes.

Considering the funds needed to open an online store, Shen Ruoxin wanted to spend some of the money as an investment, but Qi Xiao refused. Qi Xiao went to work with Zhu Lin and discussed the relevant expenses with him by the way, and then applied for an interest-free loan after consideration. At the invitation of Qi Xiao, Shen Ruoxin came to Zhu Lin’s shop and was immediately relieved to hear the studio he expected.

Originally, Qi Xiao prepared a romantic date for Shen Ruoxin, but the matter of the charging pile has not been resolved yet, Shen Ruoxin is busy with work and has no time to do it. Although the appointment was cancelled, Qi Xiao didn’t mind. Instead, he took out a diamond necklace to Shen Ruoxin, and promised to give her a gift every year in the future.

Shen Ruoxin knew that this was Qi Xiao’s heart, but it was at the beginning of the business, everything needed money, so Qi Xiao returned the necklace, because for her, the best gift is Qi Xiao’s heart and neck. Put on that starry sky necklace. In the evening, Qi Xiao repeatedly revised the design draft, preparing to launch an innovative brand.

However, as a man, Su Yang is not good at women’s trinkets, so he suggested that he should ask You Sijia for reference. When You Sijia saw the design drawings sent by Qi Xiao, she didn’t touch her heart. Instead, she felt that women prefer more meaningful or symbolic jewelry, such as the sonogram earrings I saw before. Two different earrings represent my love. You and a lifetime.

You Sijia’s words made Qi Xiaomao pause, and then he devoted himself to design research. Shen Ruoxin stayed up all night to look through the documents, planning to go door-to-door with colleagues in the after-sales department. By the way, he learned about the customer’s use of charging piles and installation problems, but the current staff is relatively tight, so he wants to apply for temporary increase in the headquarters. Xu Minjie received Shen Ruoxin’s solution and immediately arranged for help in the past. At the same time, he appreciated Shen Ruoxin’s calm work style, and once again said that if Shen Ruoxin wanted to come to the Shenzhen headquarters, he could arrange it at any time.

In the next few days, Shen Ruoxin took everyone to visit, and then matched the media visits, and finally resolved the turmoil. After the reports came out, more and more customers consulted for new energy. Liu Pei lost his temper and lost his temper. In addition, Ruan Ye continued to provoke him, and he had to reconsider how to get rid of Shen Ruoxin.

The work problem has been resolved, and Shen Ruoxin is in a good mood, so he agreed with Qi Xiao to eat boiled fish in the evening. Unexpectedly, Shen Ruoxin hadn’t arrived home yet, Shen’s mother came first, and she couldn’t help being surprised when she saw Qi Xiao appear in her home. Fortunately, Qi Xiao and Shen Ruoxin cooperated tacitly, and finally found an excuse to conceal the past.

Ruan Ye deliberately stumbled and refused to deal with the additional terms of new energy vehicles. Shen Ruoxin was furious and immediately called Xu Minjie to report on the recent work, and wanted to discuss with him in depth the follow-up work on the development of new energy vehicles. Shen Ruoxin believes that the Ministry of New Energy can set up a separate sales department to effectively avoid Liu Pei’s forcible intervention, and then let the headquarters appoint a vice president to manage it.

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