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Heartful Cafe (2021)

Heartful Cafe (2021)
Other Title: Heartful Cafe

Genres: drama
Release Date: 
April 26, 2021
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  • Julie Anne San Jose as Heart Fulgencio
  • Edgar Allan Guzman as Uno Ynares
  • Victor Anastacio as Roco

Heartful Cafe is a romance drama series that revolves around how love brews in mysterious ways. The series follows online romance novelist and café owner Heart Fulgencio (Julie Anne San Jose). Inside her quaint café, she meets a string of characters, both young old, who she matches based on their profiles and personalities.

Despite playing cupid to those around her, little do they know that she is guarded inside when dealing with matters of her own heart.

When her business was starting to decline, a handsome and goal-driven man named Ace Nobleza (David Licauco) comes to her rescue and becomes her co-investor for the café.

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