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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 11 Recap

Ruan Nianchu lay on the bed and wanted to go home. Li Teng lay on the floor and comforted her and said that it was soon, so that when Ruan Nianchu left here, he would forget about the things in Taicheng, and then he was young and lived a good life, but Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng himself Unable to fall asleep, and imagined the beautiful scene of going home at the moment, Li Teng fell asleep amidst Ruan Nianchu’s chatter.

Li Teng broke into the door, but found that Ruan Nianchu was choked to death by a man. Li Teng asked the man to let Ruan Nianchu go, and asked him to calm down, trying to find a chance to rescue Ruan Nianchu. Ruan Nianchu grabbed the pen on the table when he was in a hurry. He slammed into the man, and the man let go of pain. Li Teng subdued the man three times and five times. It is hard to know that Vasha was lying in a dark place at this time and aimed at Ruan Nianchu with a cold arrow. Luckily Li Teng found out in time. Pounced in front of Ruan Nianchu, Ruan Nianchu avoided Lengjian. The man who threatened Ruan Nianchu previously took the opportunity to escape.

Jiang Hao received a call from Li Teng and was very anxious to hand over the stars to Qiao Yufei to take care of him. Li Teng asked Jiang Hao to keep an eye on Chen Guozhi and asked him to rent a car for himself. The chip deciphering is only a firewall. Jiang Hao asked Li Teng again if he must go to Taicheng? But Li Teng did not answer him positively. After explaining the matter, Li Teng found Ruan Nianchu and planned to tell Ruan Nianchu everything.

Vassar was very sorry for not getting rid of Ruan Nianchu, because she had always been infatuated with Li Teng and was very rude to everyone around Li Teng. Vassar warned the man who threatened Ruan Nianchu not to hurt Li Teng. The man had installed a locator on Ruan Nianchu’s body. He told Vassar that Ruan Nianchu could not escape his palm.

Li Teng carried Ruan Nianchu. Ruan Nianchu thanked Li Teng and thanked him for saving himself. Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that this was what he should do as a boyfriend. He stopped the car, untied his tie and blindfolded Ruan Nianchu. , Took Ruan Nianchu to a large lavender field. When the tie was untied, Ruan Nianchu looked at the large lavender field with joy. She asked how Ruan Nianchu found the field.

Li Teng introduced himself very formally, telling Ruan Nianchu all his experiences. Ruan Nianchu asked why Li Teng was always hot and cold towards him. Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that he really only wanted to get the coin and left Ruan Nianchu. He didn’t want Ruan Nianchu to be the second He Lihua, and he didn’t want Ruan Nianchu to encounter it. Any danger, and I originally thought I could only protect Ruan Nianchu silently for the rest of my life. After saying all this, Li Teng asked Ruan Nianchu how he felt about him. Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng that he was willing to try again. After saying this, Li Teng declared his sovereignty and took over Ruan Nianchu. The two were in the lavender field. Embrace and kiss each other tightly.

The two had just walked out of the flower field when the nasty man reappeared. Li Teng told him that the coin was not on his body. The man said viciously that he wanted more than just the coin, he was going to die. Li Teng secretly handed the key to Ruan Nianchu and started a vicious fight with the man, but he was somewhat at a loss because of his lack of strength. Ruan Nianchu fled into the car, perhaps too panic, but the car could not start. The man stabbed Li Teng with a knife. Li Teng’s waist and abdomen were quickly stabbed. In a critical moment, Ruan Nianchu used an electric baton to stun the man. Li Teng was worried that Ruan Nianchu discovered that he was injured, so he quickly covered it with a suit. Own wounds.

Xingxing fainted due to an allergy to mango smoothie, Qiao Yufei was stunned. Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng that the car broke down and couldn’t start. Worse, there was no signal from the mobile phone. Li Teng asked Ruan Nianchu to support himself and let Ruan Nianchu go with him first.

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