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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 22 Recap

Sister Qing thought that this incident was just a campus incident and would not affect them, and she also asked Liang Chen to invite him to dinner. Liang Chen breathed a sigh of relief.

Knowing that his affair was on a hot search, Lu Jing punished Zhou Zhou and several people to admit their mistakes against the water basin. Lu Jing called Liang Chen, fearing that Liang Chen would be hurt, but found that Liang Chen didn’t care at all, and seemed very happy. Only then did Lu Jing let go of a few naughty roommates, but still did not indicate that his girlfriend was Liang Chen.

Taro came to Liang Chen to inquire about Ma Shanshan, and when she saw her taking a close photo with those scumbags before, Taro turned around and left with anger. Liang Chen was about to participate in the show, and met Meng Lanzhi again. Meng Lanzhi satirized Liang Chen because he was too old and showed the limelight. Liang Chen reminded Meng Lanzhi to take care of his own affairs and satirized Meng Lanzhi. Will be successful, Meng Lanzhi is angry again.

Liang Chen and Meng Lanzhi came to the stage to draw the order in which they all hoped to be the last to play, so that they could have time to fully prepare and observe the opponent’s strength to make adjustments. However, Meng Lanzhi secretly took a half-length look when choosing the number on the court, mistakenly thought it was 1, and first proposed to exchange the appearance order with Liang Chen. Liang Chen was very bold and confident and said that he was the first or the last to appear.

There was no problem, so I agreed to change. I didn’t expect Meng Lanzhi to be the first to appear when he pulled it out. Liang Chen was the last to appear. This excitement broke Lu Jing in front of the TV. Before he took the stage, Lu Jing had been Sending a message of encouragement to Liang Chen, he was more nervous than Liang Chen.

Meng Lanzhi’s performance was well received. Liang Chen came to the stage to sing until the microphone suddenly cut off in the middle. Just as everyone was nervous, Liang Chen sang the guitar sound with his ingenuity, and the cheerful atmosphere received full applause, Ma Shan Shan also turned off his cell phone with satisfaction. When Liang Chen stepped down with excitement, he called Lu Jing and asked Lu Jing what he meant. Lu Jing praised Liang Chen for being so perfect that he could no longer be perfect. Liang Chen finally succeeded in kicking the stadium. He was so excited that Taro had to prepare Liang Chen for one. At the celebration banquet, Lu Jing hurriedly led Taro to agree to pay for a treat.

After he stepped down, the organizer’s director also praised Liang Chen, and said that he had seen Liang Chen’s rock singing method in college from Ma Shanshan, and it was precisely because of this that the program group agreed to let Liang Chen sing rock and roll. I hope Liang Chen can persuade Ma Shanshan and enlighten Ma Shanshan’s character, Liang Chen agreed.

Liang Chen took Ma Shanshan to Taro’s house. Taro was excited to prepare a lot of snacks, and there were many movies to entertain Ma Shanshan and Liang Chen. Taro urged Jiayun to go over to cook, and Lu Jing was indispensable to celebrate Liang Chen. Lu Jing also introduced Lu Jing as her boyfriend to Ma Shanshan in front of everyone.

Not to be outdone, Lu Jing also went into the kitchen to help. He couldn’t cook and could wash the vegetables. The kitchen lacked white sesame seeds, so the taro went to the opposite Lu Jing’s house to borrow white sesame seeds. Only Lu Jing and Jia Yun were left in the kitchen. Both of them were in a tacit embarrassment. Jia Yun told Lu Jing what he should pay attention to. Because Liang Chen’s voice is not good, what kind of care is needed, etc.,

Lu Jing was also not convinced, saying that he was capable and would take care of Liang Chen. When taro took the white sesame seeds, he still owed him and told Lu Jing that his grandparents and grandparents were on the opposite side. The two elders were very happy. The taro walked on his feet, and the two of them had to wear clothes to see the granddaughter-in-law.

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