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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 20 Recap

Zhou Zhou and others were discussing in the dormitory. They thought that Lu Jing was in a bad mood because of Gu Feiming’s pursuit of Qi Qi. Lu Jing came back before his words were over. Everyone wanted to show their concern, but watching Lu Jing was dark No one dared to say anything, Lu Jing kept talking on the phone, but the other party never answered. Liang Chen was disturbed by the call from Lu Jing at this time, hung up the phone cruelly, and then turned it off.

Lu Jing had to call Taro. Taro and Jiayun happened to be beside Liang Chen, but Liang Chen left without answering the phone. Jiayun and Taro go for a drink, and Taro asks if Jiayun is sure to do so. If Liang Chen knew that she would be angry once, but Jiayun said that she could only do so.

Now the wind direction on the Internet has changed suddenly. The signs are directed at Liang Chen and Jia Yun. There are still many pictures of the two together on the Internet. Lu Jing angrily left the dormitory and asked Liang Chen to ask him, Zhou Zhou and the others thought Lu Jing was. I went to find Gu Feiming. But when Lu Jing came to Liang Chen’s house, there was no one in the family. Lu Jing received a message saying that Liang Chen and Jia Yun were really together, and they went to a place together. Lu Jing hurried to find Liang Chen.

Jiayun proposed to do a fake show with Liang Chen. There is no need to clarify it. Instead, he asked to explain directly that the two were together. However, Liang Chen did not want to hurt Jiayun. Jiayun was about to confess to Liang Chen, but Lu Jingque Jumped in through the window and pulled Liang Chen away. Snow was dancing outside. Lu Jing asked Liang Chen why he always avoided him. Liang Chen honestly said that he didn’t want Lu Jing to be affected, because he was still a student and should have a carefree campus life. I have already kissed Liang Chen.

Lu Jing said that Liang Chen was the only person he liked from beginning to end, and hoped that Liang Chen could try to be with him and could not shrink back without trying. Liang Chen promised to consider turning around and leaving, but Lu Jing stopped Liang Chen, listed his achievements, and thought that he was already an adult, capable of protecting himself and Liang Chen, and asked Liang Chen if he wanted to do this. He, Liang Chen rushed into Lu Jing’s arms, and said that what he wanted was Lu Jing.

After Liang Chen left, Jiayun faced the press conference alone and frankly said that he admired Liang Chen and respected Liang Chen. The two were just friends, but he absolutely did not allow anyone to slander Liang Chen. Someone asked him at the press conference. Whether he doubted Meng Lanzhi, Jiayun didn’t admit it, just an ambiguous attitude.

Lu Jing sent Liang Chen back, but he was reluctant to leave, and pushed the door straight in, hugged Liang Chen in his arms, and came to kiss Liang Chen. When Lu Jing returned to the dormitory again, he was excited to sing songs. The people in the dormitory thought that Lu Jing was crazy. It must be because Gu Feiming and Qi Qi couldn’t bear it together. Lu Jing happily announced to everyone that he had a girlfriend, and everyone hurriedly persuaded Lu Jing not to find someone to replace him just because he lost a person. Lu Jing couldn’t understand the meaning of everyone’s words for a while.

Jiayun came forward to solve the problem, and public opinion subsided. Jiayun didn’t want to embarrass Liang Chen, for fear that even his friends would not have to do it if he was rejected. The assistant persuaded Jia Yun to tell Liang Chen boldly. He did so many Liang Chen silently but didn’t know anything. If he didn’t express it, Liang Chen would never know Jia Yun’s love for her, Jia Yun said nothing.

Meng Lanzhi took the initiative to provoke Liang Chen, but Liang Chen didn’t care at all. He even satirized Meng Lanzhi, so angry that Meng Lanzhi was gritting his teeth, and there were also rumors on the Internet that Liang Chen and Meng Lanzhi were officially tearing apart.

Qi Qi and Gu Feiming appeared in front of Lu Jing hand in hand. Zhou Zhou and others thought that Lu Jing’s indifferent was pretended. This was Lu Jing’s last pride, so they also negotiated to help Lu Jing handle it. Gu Feiming chased it back.

Jia Yun’s birthday was approaching, and when he wanted to invite Liang Chen to participate, Liang Chen looked for Taro and wanted to ask Jia what gift to deliver, but Taro cares about Ma Shanshan’s preferences. At this time Lu Jing suddenly arrived. He only came here earlier when he learned that Liang Chen was here, and he unceremoniously drove Taro out of the room, talked to Liang Chen alone, and asked Liang Chen what topic he was talking with Taro just now.

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