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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 43 Recap

Mi Mi obeyed the order to poison Zhixi, the leader of the Tie Le tribe. The death of Zhixi made other tribes panic. Everyone unanimously pointed out that he was a poisoner under the long song, and he was even more unwilling to obey Mobei’s words and sign with Datang. Covenant. Shuyu was in charge of this case. He found the poison at the scene, but did not give it to Changge. Sheer saw the bottle of poison in the dark and couldn’t help but feel like he had seen this bottle at Mi Mi’s. .

The other leaders of the tribe had seen Mi Mi deliver breakfast to Zhixi. Datang found poison from Mi Mi’s room. Everyone believed that it was Chang Ge who instigated Mi Mi to poison. Chang Ge has been protecting Mi Mi, and Mi Mi has a guilty heart. She didn’t dare to answer, Sheer Xinmu Mi Mi, he also covered up the matter for Mi Mi, saying that he had sent the poison to Chixi for deworming, but he did not expect Chixi to die from this bottle of poison. Sheer had no reason to kill Zhixi, he insisted on protecting Mimi, and everyone had no choice but to dispel their suspicion of Mimi and recognized Zhixi’s death on Sheer.

Le Yan and Gao Du went out together to inspect the farming mulberry. Seeing the people living and working in peace and contentment, Le Yan only wished that the Tang Dynasty would be in prosperity and peace, and Gao Du believed that under Li Shimin’s benevolent governance, the Tang Dynasty would surely be in prosperity and peace. The two met an old man carrying a pole and preparing to return home. Seeing that the old man was carrying the pole alone, Le Yan asked Gao Du to step forward to help, and the two happily sent the old man back home.

When Yi Cheng learned that Sheer was Mi Mi’s crime, her heart was full of disappointment. She didn’t expect Sheer to disagree with her and didn’t understand everything she did. On the other hand, Mimi was thinking of Sheer in her heart. She asked Changge to help her meet Sheer and cook a bowl of mutton noodles for Sheer. Sheer was not the one who killed Zhixi. Today, he is Mi Mi’s crime, just because he wants to protect Mi Mi. Although he knows that he and Mi Mi are no longer possible, he sincerely regards Mi Mi as a friend.

Mu Jin tried his best to get into the Dingxiang Palace. He pretended to be a guard and came to the front of the Great Khan. He saw that the former high spirited Khan had been tortured to the point of being tortured. Although the Great Khan could not speak, Mu Jin still From the Great Khan, I learned that the Ashle tribe has been controlled by Yi Cheng, and the Great Khan is also victimized by Yi Cheng.

The prince followed Sheng Xin all the way to the Sifang Pavilion. Sheng Xin’s appearance in the Sifang Pavilion was abnormal, but the young prince did not become suspicious. The prince met Changge in the Sifang Pavilion. The two of them quarreled, and Sheng Xin had an accident. Knowing that Li Changge’s Li was actually Li Tang’s Li, he hurriedly reported the matter to Yi Cheng. Yi Cheng was overjoyed and God helped her revive Da Sui.

She must make good use of the chess piece of Chang Ge. Although Mi Mi had different intentions. , But it can also be involved with Buzhen, and then used. After that, Sheer came to ask Yicheng for peace. He asked about Sui before the revival. He just wanted to be quiet by Yicheng’s side, but Yicheng said that the world is poor and she has her own way of doing things. There are some things. Sheer should have known it long ago.

Mu Jin sneaked into the palace of the former Sui prince. He saw Bu Zhen in the palace, but he also exposed his identity as a result. Lei Meng noticed him. Lei Meng fainted and detained Mu Jin. This time he wanted to see See how Ashley Falcon saved Mu Jin. On the other side, Le Yan was getting married soon, and Chang Ge personally embroidered a fan for Le Yan. Although her embroidery skills were clumsy, Ashley Falcon saw her sincerity and thought it was the best fan in the world. At the same time, Ashley Falcon also formally proposed marriage to Mrs. Jin. He came to Mrs. Jin’s spirit, handed his letter of confession, and formally asked to marry Long Song. In the future, he will do his best to love Long Song.

Gao Du and Le Yan returned to the palace. They passed by the sugar man vendor, and Gao Du got out of the wagon to buy a sugar man for Le Yan, but when they came back, they couldn’t see Le Yan. Gao Du was afraid that he would lose Le Yan, he hurriedly looked around, but saw that Le Yan was waiting for him. Le Yan went to buy a small accessory for him, but she sprained her foot and couldn’t walk. Gao Du came forward and picked it up. With Le Yan, the two only have each other in the eyes of this busy city.

According to Yi Yi’s order, Sheng Xin came to invite Chang Ge to go with him under the guise of the prince. Chang Ge was suspicious, but Sheng Xin took out the prince’s jade pendant and insisted that Chang Ge go with him.

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