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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 1 Recap


The TV series “Little Girl Dresses” is directed by Ding Yingzhou and starred by Li Jiaqi, Bi Wenjun, Sun Jialu, Song Wenzuo, Zeng Qi and others. The play tells the inspirational story that Xie Xiaoni, the daughter of a family of weaving and dyeing, has gone through family changes and is determined to become self-reliant. She has a pseudonym of “Neon Clothes” and tastes courage to learn art, and finally gains a foothold in the weaving industry with talent and wisdom.

During the Daning period, Xie Xiaoni, the youngest daughter of Xie’s Silk Cloth House, determined to inherit the family’s mantle and become a business woman. However, Xie’s family broke down because of being framed by his fellow Su’s. Xie Xiaoni, who was lucky enough to survive, vowed to clean up the family’s grievances and revive the Xie family. She entered the Jiangnan Yunjinzhuang under the pseudonym “Neonshang” to study dyeing and embroidery skills.

Years of eagerness and courage, humbly learning art, finally enabled her to gain a foothold in the weaving industry with her extraordinary talent and wisdom, and gradually lay a new world of her own. At this time, Su Clan realized her intention and pursued and killed step by step in an attempt to eliminate the roots. Fortunately, for the help of Ouyang Ziyu, who had always been in love with him, Xie Xiaoni was able to escape from birth and leave the Western Regions. A year later, Xie Xiaoni changed her name and surname, and returned again with the new knowledge she learned. This time she was fully prepared and finally cleared the grievances of her father and brother family and revitalized the Xie family firm. And she also explored a commendable business road and became a successful businesswoman.

In the dead of night, a carriage tarnishes its way forward. A man in the carriage is graceful and luxurious. He is the prince Ouyang Ziyu. When closing his eyes and resting his mind, the carriage suddenly broke, and the assassin followed, and the attendant Xiaolu quickly called Ouyang Ziyu to jump off the car. In order to protect himself, Ouyang Ziyu accidentally fell into the cliff.

Half a month ago, the Palace Bazaar opened, a lively scene. Xie Xiaoni, the daughter of the Xie family from the weaving and dyeing family, passed by accidentally, and she did not hesitate to reveal the imperial list. Everyone talked about it. Xie Xiaoni happily ran back to Xie’s mansion with the imperial list, passing by Ouyang Ziyu on the road. Xie Xiaoni was looking for her brother Xie Feng all over the yard. Xie Feng scolded her and said that she was running wild with a girl.

Father Xie came immediately, and Xie Xiaoni quickly took out the emperor’s list and said that they would hold the Splendid Conference, and their Xie family could also participate in the election! Father Xie was a little angry, and Xie Feng quickly protected Xie Xiaoni behind him. Xie Xiaoni wants to share the burden for the family, not to mention Xie Feng is a girl, why can she do it! Xie’s father hurriedly scolded Xie Xiaoni. It turned out that the Xie family had a single pass, but this generation only had two girls, Xie Xiaoni and Xie Feng. In order not to give the family business to outsiders, Xie Feng pretended to be a man.

Xie Feng also tried to persuade Xie’s father that they are playing fair competition, but Xie’s father thinks that it is better to do business on their own, and really doesn’t want to join in the fun, but Xie Feng has this ambition, it’s good to go to experience. At the time when the envoys from Xizhou came to visit our country, the Municipal Bureau of Tianjia Ming Palace held a splendid conference to demonstrate the strong national strength.

Yuan Daocheng, deputy commander of the Palace and Municipal Bureau, was in charge of this conference, and the Heavenly Family sent Luo Wang Ouyang Ziyu to supervise it. Yuan Chengdao didn’t put him in his eyes. He was just a idle prince and had no real power. They were kind to take care of it.

Luo Palace. The maid Xiaoqin came to deliver tea. Ouyang Ziyu, who was reading under the tree, was in a daze, and reminded her before the small road. Xiaolu complained that he was Ouyang Ziyu’s personal bodyguard, and now it’s a little overkill to wander the street every day. Ouyang Ziyu asked Xiaolu to find out the price of the silk from the south and north of the city, and the rest was too lazy to take care of it. There was a problem with Xie’s dyeing cloth. This batch of fabrics was made for the election of the Fairview Conference. Xie’s father advised Xie Feng not to worry too much. The Fairview Conference was just a campaign.

Seeing this, Xie Xiaoni sneaked out, and Xie Feng hurriedly took someone to find. It was getting late, Xie Xiaoni did not go home for a long time, Xie mother was in a hurry. Xie Feng brought Xie Xiaoni back in time. Xie’s father was very angry and asked her what she was doing. Xie Xiaoni refused to say that Xie’s father wanted to take the ruler in angrily. Xie’s mother and Xie Feng hurriedly stood in front of Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni rushed forward and said that he had done nothing bad, and the ruler that Xie’s father raised did not break down.

Xie Feng asked Xie Xiaoni why he went out of town, but Xie Xiaoni still refused to say that Xie Feng only regarded her as naughty. Early the next morning, the dyeing returned to normal. Xie Feng didn’t know what was going on, Xie Xiaoni snickered in the crowd. Xie’s father called Xie Xiaoni after seeing through and asked if she had put something in the dyeing pond. Xie Xiaoni said that the silver wire charcoal has a strong adsorption capacity, so she went to the city to find the silver wire charcoal yesterday.

Xie Xiaoni also said that when he went out of the city, he saw black spots in the pools of many people. It was said that it was the weather. Xie Xiaoni concealed her family’s own affairs. After Xie Xiaoni admitted her mistake, Xie father didn’t punish her anymore. Xie Xiaoni wanted to do business with Xie Fengxue, but Xie’s father agreed.

Yuan Mansion. Yuan Daocheng invited Ouyang Ziyu. The tall man next to Yuan Daocheng said that the Su family has been in business for generations and has cooperated with the Palace and Municipal Bureau for a long time. This time the winner must be the Su family, and if the Su family is awarded the title of tribute, The second master Su Gongming must know the current affairs. If Ouyang Ziyu chooses the Su family, he will save a lot of effort. Ouyang Ziyu was unclear, and looked at the tall and humane indifferently. The most important thing in this fair is the word fair.

On the Spring Festival, Xie Xiaoni ran out to play secretly, dressed as a man, and met Su Wenyu, the young master of the Su family. The two fought over the lantern riddles, Xie Xiaoni finished answering the lantern riddles and left proudly. Xie Xiaoni sees another greasy boy molesting a good woman. Seeing that the road is uneven, he draws his sword to help. Su Wenyu thinks that Xie Xiaoni bullied others, and accidentally discovers the identity of Xie Xiaoni’s daughter. Xie Xiaoni slapped him, leaving a handkerchief and hurriedly left.

Xie Feng breathed a sigh of relief when Xie Xiaoni came back. Fortunately, Xie’s father was not at home today. Xie Xiaoni hurriedly begged for mercy, begging her to take her out to go hunting tomorrow, Xie Feng relentlessly agreed. After eating, Ouyang Ziyu’s little boyfriend had diarrhea, Xiaolu drove the horse back to the mansion himself, Yuan Daocheng and Gao Daocheng had already done tricks on the carriage, just waiting for Ouyang Ziyu’s accident.

Yuan Chengdao was very angry when he heard that Ouyang Ziyu had fallen off the cliff. On this day, Xie Feng took Xie Xiaoni out to hunt. Xie Xiaoni suddenly exclaimed. It turned out that she mistakenly thought that Ouyang Ziyu who had fallen off the cliff was shot to death by herself, and she was shocked. Xie Feng said that it would be better not to report to the officials, but Xie Xiaoni was worried about his safety and begged Xie Feng to take him back.

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