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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 35 Recap

Zhang Xueer discovered Huanhuan’s exclusion of Mi Tao. During the class meeting, Zhang Xueer specifically emphasized that the students should unite with friends, and hope that the students should pay attention to their words and deeds. The unhappiness between the two little girls continued to accumulate. During one time after school, Huanhuan helped the teacher to issue a “parental notice”, but bypassed Mi Tao. Mi Tao asked Huanhuan to reason, and the two quarreled and pushed each other. When grandmother Zhao Na came to pick up Huanhuan, she happened to see this scene.

The children’s conflict has attracted the attention of parents and teachers. Nan Li and Xia Junshan insist that Huanhuan apologize to Mi Tao. Nan Li believes that being unfriendly to classmates is already a moral quality issue and must apologize. Huanhuan cried and compromised. Suffering great grievances, she was forced to go to Mi Tao’s house to apologize with her parents overnight, and the relationship between mother and daughter fell to a freezing point.

Tian Yulan was also in a state of desperation. Zi You recently mentioned more and more of his good friend Dalong in the same class. Tian Yulan approached Zhang Xueer to find out about the situation. Zhang Xueer was also at a loss. There was no child named Dalong in the class. Tian Yulan asked Zi You, and Zi You pointed to the other side of the table and said, Dalong was clearly there. Tian Yulan looked at the empty table opposite, shocked. The psychiatrist told Tian Yulan that Ziyou’s confusion was because of too much pressure and an escape from reality. The doctor suggested that parents should not put pressure on their children anymore and let them relax.

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