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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 32 Recap

Nan Li never dreamed that one day she would personally send Cai Juying to her father, and she asked her mother to forgive herself. Nan Li experienced emotional ups and downs, and got sick after returning home. The Olympiad Test for the “Occasion Cup” within the Optional Number is now in sight. It is said that Hanlin Enrollment attaches great importance to the results of this test.

However, Zi You has been unable to get rid of the curse of “fever as soon as he takes an exam”, so the day before the test, Tian Yulan took him to the hospital in advance and asked the doctor if he could take medicine to prevent fever. The doctor was scolded by the doctor. Tian Yulan was not convinced and talked to the doctor There was a fight. This frightened Ziyou. When answering the question, Ziyou always saw his mother’s eyebrows angered, arguing with the doctor, and arguing with his father. He became more and more flustered and more and more trance…Yan Ziyou tore the test paper, raised the table, and rushed out of the examination room.

The “Optional Cup” was quickly stopped by the relevant departments, and the Optional Cup was interviewed and punished for it. Nan Li learned that Huanhuan hadn’t finished even one-third of the questions, and realized that Huanhuan was far from Hanlin’s requirements, which made her feel more and more anxious.

Nan Li went to Mi Tao’s house to seek experience, and learned that Mi Tao was no longer choosing tutoring, but was studying independently based on some reference books recommended by Zhong Yi. Nan Li was dissatisfied with the results of Chosen’s tutoring, and went to Manager Cui to report that, apart from being promoted to add classes, Chosen had no real way to solve the problem, so Nan Li asked to withdraw from the class in desperation.

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