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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 4 Recap

Seeing others staying up late to take care of herself, Wen Jinchen was moved and said that she was willing to help Yuan Siya earn enough free expenses. After recovering, he took Yuan Yueyue to the downstairs of his company. Yueyue realized that this was Wen Jinchen’s company and asked how much hatred and grievance he would help him earn from his husband for free expenses.

Wen Jinchen promised to invite Yuan Yueyue to dinner, but took her back to Wen’s house. Yueyue was afraid of any misunderstandings, so she made a bowl of instant noodles perfunctorily, hoping that her master would leave as soon as possible after eating. Wen Jinchen didn’t eat this set, helpless, and Yuan Yueyue made a sumptuous meal. Wen Jinchen praised her for cooking delicious food. Yuan Yueyue said that her dream was to open a restaurant to study food. The two dreams coincided with each other. Wen Jinchen’s long-time dream was also to open a small, non-existent restaurant. Menu, the restaurant for each table is determined only according to the chef’s wishes.

During the meal, Wen Jinchen accidentally took a bite of a very spicy dish. In order not to lose face, he could not eat spicy food. He used the excuse to drink water during the meal. At this time, the secretary Wen Jun came to the news, “Yuan Siya” ordered After receiving a high-speed rail ticket to Kawada City, Wen Jinchen thought that her sweetheart was leaving, so he hurriedly sent someone to cancel the high-speed rail ticket for her.

Suddenly I got news that the high-speed rail ticket I had booked when I went home to see my mother was cancelled somehow. Yuan Yueyue guessed that it was arranged by Wen Jinchen and was very angry. , Coupled with the “master” persuading her, so she agreed to go to work in the company.

The next day, Wen Jun changed the brand of President Wen Jinchen’s office to the general manager’s office. Everyone in the company thought that his boss had been demoted. Wen Jinchen contacted the personnel department in advance to help Yuan Siya arrange the position of assistant to the general manager, and ordered all her requirements to be met. When Yuan Yueyue applied for the job, she was frightened by the enthusiasm of the person in charge of the personnel department. Thinking of the previous president’s order, the person in charge of the personnel department readily agreed, and promised “Yuan Siya” the daily salary.

Wen Jinchen, who received the news, thought that “Yuan Siya” would come to the office to get along with him day and night, so he took a very handsome posture and waited for her to arrive. Siya” went to work at the front desk. Wen Jinchen went to the front desk and saw that “Yuan Siya” seemed to be very happy working in this position, so he didn’t come to bother.

After receiving one day’s salary, Yuan Yueyue planned to invite the master to finish the meal. When she was waiting, she learned that Pei Xiuzhe had been drinking too much in the bar, so she left her master and went to the bar to pick up people. Wen Jinchen drove with her to the bar and saw that “Yuan Siya” unexpectedly broke the appointment for someone else. He was very angry and asked whether this person was important to her. The secretary took her home and asked “Yuan Siya” to invite herself to dinner immediately. Yuan Yueyue had no choice but to take him to the night market to eat skewers.

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