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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 32 Recap

Le Yan knew that Gao Du used her to draw long songs. She was extremely disappointed with Gao Du. She saw Le Yanran staring directly at Gao Du. She said every word that Gao Du was just a puppet, and he had no feelings. , I only know what to do on the command line. Long Ge has fled all the way to the present. When did she do anything that hurts the world and reason, Le Yan does not understand why Gao Du can’t tolerate Long Ge. In the face of Le Yan’s accusation, Gao Du couldn’t dispute it, and could only watch Le Yan leave in disappointment.

A Shile Falcon came to see Lao Qin and Shiba with Changge. Seeing Changge’s safe return, the big stone in Qin’s heart was finally let go. He asked Changge’s future plans. After Changge hadn’t planned, Ashilefalcon wanted to take Changge back to the grassland, but Changge still owed him three things but did not do, but Changge claimed that she had already cleared up with Ashilefalcon. Lao Qin made a vocal relief and decided to leave the city first, and all matters would be discussed after leaving the city.

Gao Du was shaken by Le Yan’s words. Du Ruhui scolded Gao Du and decided to catch Long Song himself, leaving Gao Du to think about it. On the other side, Mrs. Jinse came to Liuyun Temple. She said that she was here to worship incense, so she entered Taoist Temple with the master.

Ashley Falcon talked with Changge about the problems afterwards. He was unwilling to make a cleanup with Changge. He would always remember what Changge owed him. Changge knew Ashleyfalcon’s heart and reached out to Ashi Le Falcon pulls the hook and promises not to be separated from A Shi Le Falcon. As soon as he left, Changge was going to Liuyunguan to say goodbye to the master. Ashley Falcon wanted to take the long song with him, but it was extremely inconvenient for the masters to be female relatives, so Ashley Falcon had to decide to go to the Guanmenkou to take the long time later. The song is back.

Du Ruhui came to Liuyunguan to catch the long song, and the master took Du Ruhui into the view. She only hoped that the long song had already gone far away, and she would not come back from casting the net. Afterwards, the master watched Du Ru’s pulse. While the two were talking, Mrs. Jinse rushed into the room. It turned out that Mrs. Jinse came today to kill Du Ruhui. She had already taken the whole view and said that the crown prince was already there. With the news of death, I hope Du Ruhui can commit suicide and apologize.

Du Ruhui was embarrassed at first, but the viewer said that this person was just trying to catch the wind. When the master was in the way, Mrs. Jinse began to deal with the people in the view. Du Ruhui was forced to bow her head to Mrs. Jinse. Mrs. Jinse wanted to kill Du Ruhui, but Changge suddenly rushed out. Changge pretended that she had blood and deep hatred with Du Ruhui. To cut Du Ruhui personally, she took Mrs. Jinse’s knife, but saved Du Ruhui in one fell swoop.

Situ came to Guanzhong to get medicine, and happened to encounter a scene of riots in Guanzhong. Changge called Situ a master, and Situ helped Changge. Mrs. Jinse was prepared for this occasion. Most of the people in the watch were the people who had no hands. Long Song tried everything. She took a knife in the back to save Du Ruhui, but still sent Du Ruhui and his group out of the watch. There were only three people in the temple: Changge, Situ, and Guanzhu. Guanzhu suffered a knife from Jinse. Changge alone fought against Jinse and the group, allowing Situ to take the Guanzhu to the room to heal his injuries.

Du Ruhui sent out a signal to aid soldiers in the city after leaving the temple. Gao Du, Shuyu, and Le Yan all rushed after seeing the signal. Du Ruhui asked Gao Du to rescue Li Changge right now. Ashley Falcon and Li Jing were playing chess in the teahouse. Li Jing took out Wei Gongbing, and wanted Ashyl Falcon to accompany him to finish the game, so he sent the book to Ashyl Falcon, but Ashley Hayabusa was concerned about the long song. After hearing the drums and realizing that the long song was dangerous, he gave up the soldiers without hesitation and went straight to Liuyunguan.

Ashley Falcon rushed to Liuyun Temple and saved Changge again. He defended Changge. Jinse reprimanded Ashley Falcon for forgetting his surname, and decided to kill Ashley Falcon and Changge II. people.

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