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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 9 Recap

Because Ruan Nianchu always had the same dream, he asked the doctor about his condition. For three years, Ruan Nianchu has always repeated the same dream. She has never forgotten Lee. Ruan Nianchu really wants to know whether Lee is alive or dead. Now Ruan Nianchu, even if he sees a background similar to Lee, he rushes forward desperately.

Ruan Nianchu checked Li Teng’s every move through the window. Li Teng was very emotional, thinking of Lao Xia’s funeral, Hu Lihua crying hoarse and exhausted, and his heart was full of mixed flavors. Suddenly, a light rain floated in the sky, but Li Teng went to the hospital to visit He Lihua in a ghostly manner. Li Teng asked He Lihua, Lao Xia was not by his side, and He Lihua would regret choosing Lao Xia. He Lihua’s answer was very firm, saying that she had never regretted knowing Lao Xia, and that she was destined to meet Lao Xia. He Lihua’s words made Li Teng seem to have some kind of answer in his heart.

The next day, Li Teng planned to send Ruan Nianchu to the Xi micro-troupe. Ruan Nianchu, who was still a little quiet, refused Li Teng and called the car by himself. Li Teng was not discouraged and followed Ruan Nianchu to the Xi micro-troupe alone. Because of Li Teng, Ruan Nianchu’s rehearsal could not be carried out normally, but the head of the group suddenly introduced a noble director Chen Guozhi to everyone. Chen Guozhi said that he would lead everyone to participate in the Border Town Art Festival and win the prize. To celebrate the joining of Chen Guozhi, the head of the delegation invited everyone to have a meal, and Li Teng also joined the group.

Qiao Yufei was a little bit distressed because she liked Jiang Hao, so she asked the doctor to enlighten her. The doctor’s words seemed to have an effect on her. She left happily, planning to get Jiang Hao’s daughter and pursue her love. At the dinner table, because of Ruan Nianchu, Li Teng had a special tit-for-tat against Chen Guozhi, and everyone could feel a very strong smell of gunpowder. Ruan Nianchu was very distressed, so he secretly hid in the toilet and called Qiao Yufei to complain. In order to deal with Jiang Hao, Qiao Yufei bought a bunch of gifts to please the stars. At the same time, Li Teng also called Jiang Hao to tell him that he was going to the border town together.

Chen Guozhi took great care of Ruan Nianchu, but Li Teng expressed his heart that he was Ruan Nianchu’s boyfriend. In order to relieve the tension and embarrassment, Ruan Nianchu immediately refused and said that he was an ex-boyfriend. In order to show his boyfriend’s identity, Li Teng was so determined, making Ruan Nianchu very embarrassed to be caught between the two men. The group arrived at the border town and settled in the villa that Chen Guozhi had invited in advance. Ruan Nianchu’s friends felt the strong smell of gunpowder in a love triangle. During the division of the room, Qiao Yufei offered to take care of the stars. This time, the stars seemed to have a ghost in their minds, and they actually agreed to Qiao Yufei’s proposal.

Shiqi gossip, Ruan Nianchu will choose Chen Guozhi or Li Teng, because he thinks this is a plot unique to idol dramas, and Ruan Nianchu tells Shiqi not to gossip and eat melons too much. Because Jiang Hao stayed in a triple room with Li Teng and Chen Guozhi, the atmosphere was extremely embarrassing, so he found an excuse to go out and breathe, but when Chen Guozhi was about to go out to breathe, Li Teng stopped Chen Guozhi and made it straightforward. Tell Chen Guozhi, Ruan Nianchu’s own woman. Chen Guozhi was not a good person either. He told Li Teng that he was more and more interested in Ruan Nianchu now.

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