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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 12 Recap

Zhou Wang also took Fu Rou to a restaurant for dinner. He also talked to Fu Rou about the principle that people take food as the sky and the land of the country. Fu Rou asked if Zhou Wang had read a lot of books. Zhou Wang said that when he could not sleep, he would spend it by reading. Long night. The two talked about it, and Fu Rou seemed to have a little changed towards King Zhou, and she also admired him. Zhou Wang asked Fu Rou if he liked the capable men. Fu Rou said that she only admired Zhou Wang, not like him.

The two ate, and Fu Rou suddenly found Chen Ji and the prince walking on the street together. The two looked very close. Just now Fu Rou accidentally stepped on the crops on horseback. In order to compensate, King Zhou gave the farmer a fan and asked him to go to his silk shop to exchange money to compensate for the crops that were trampled on. However, the farmer mistakenly used King Han’s silks. Zhuang, the guy in the store recognized that the fan belongs to King Zhou, so he bought the fan at double the price and gave the fan to King Han. Now King Han has King Zhou’s handle.

The crown prince presented a book of Han, and the emperor’s face was rejoiced. He specially set a banquet to celebrate. Chang Guogong took the opportunity to take out Zhou Wang’s fan and slandered Zhou Wang for hunting and trampling on the crops. He said that this fan was accidentally dropped by Zhou Wang and was bought by himself. Chang Guogong’s remarks were half-truth and half-truth. It was true that stepping on the crops was true. King Zhou was ignoring the loss of the farmers. King Zhou was trying to explain. But the emperor became furious when he heard that King Zhou did step on the crops. Jing Tiao gave it to King Zhao and ordered the stick to blame King Zhou.

The news that King Zhou was punished reached Fu Rou’s ears. Fu Rou went to visit King Zhou and asked King Zhou why he didn’t tell the truth. King Zhou said that if the emperor knew that he had taken the female officer out of the palace in violation of the palace rules, he would only The fine was worse. No matter what, Fu Rou was very grateful to Zhou Wang. Zhou Wang said that he would give Fu Rou a chance to repay him and let Fu Rou read the Shiji for herself. Seeing that Fu Rou was interested in the Shiji, he explained that she would teach Fu Rou well. .

After Zhou Wang was punished, the prince was in a much better mood. He specifically called Chen Ji to come and play chess with him. Seeing that Chen Ji was not good at chess, he asked him to sing for himself, and he taught him how to play chess. Chen Jizheng Singing, Sun Lingshu came over to deliver something. The prince looked fascinated by Chen Ji and ignored Sun Lingshu. Sun Lingshu was a little lost. At night, the prince was still teaching Chen Ji to play chess, and he didn’t plan to go to Sun Lingshu’s place.

Sheng Chumu was forced to the edge of the cliff by the rebels. After a hard fight, Sheng Chumu was outnumbered and was shot down under the cliff with an arrow. Sheng Chumu’s soldiers handed over the map of the Anxi Gorge rebel den to Fu Tao. Fu Tao dedicated the map to Lu Yunji and gained Lu Yunji’s trust. From there, he entered Lu Yunji’s guard camp. Yun Ji thought that Sheng Chumu was dead, so he wrote many credits of Sheng Chumu in the military newspaper with confidence. The news of Sheng Chumu’s death in battle passed back to Chang’an, and everyone in the Sheng family was hit hard. They didn’t believe that Sheng Chumu would die so easily. They felt that Lu Yunji was doing a ghost behind it, but they took Lu Yunji. There is no way.

In order to get close to Princess Xinnan, Sheng Chuling deliberately entered the palace on duty, and found the opportunity to serve as a guard in the Princess Palace. Since then, she has often shown courtesy in front of Princess Xinnan.

When Fu Rou sent embroidery to the queen, she heard that Zhou Wang’s punishment might be related to the prince. The prince met with Fu Rou and said that the prince was very dissatisfied with the embroidery sent by Fu Rou. The queen spoke for Fu Rou. The prince had to go back and tell Sun Lingshu that he was not allowed to embarrass the bureaucracy in the future. When Sun Lingshu learned of this, he thought it was Fu Rou deliberately mischievous, and complained against Fu Rou. Fu Rou has been studying at King Zhou’s Lingxiao Pavilion these few days.

King Zhou already knew about Fu Ruong and Sheng Chumu’s relationship. Seeing that Fu Rou was worried about Sheng Chumu, she joked that Sheng Chumu might be dead, and Fu Rou changed suddenly. His face said that he would never come to Zhou Wang to study again, and then turned and left. As a result, at night Fu Rou heard the servant in the palace talking about Sheng Chumu’s death in battle. Fu Rou was hit hard and passed out. Fu Rou was seriously ill and was almost taken to the Healing Department. Fortunately, King Zhou rushed to rescue Fu Rou and sent Fu Rou to the Yan Fei Palace to recuperate.

Lu Yunji’s army suppressed the rebels. In the evening, Lu Yunji hosted a banquet to celebrate. All the generals were drunk. Fu Tao carried the drunk Lu Yunji back to the room. He looked at the drunk Lu Yunji. He drew his sword to kill Lu Yunji, but suddenly the remnants of the rebels rushed in and wanted to assassinate Lu Yunji. Fu Tao resisted desperately and killed all the assassins. Lu Qi also rushed over. After this incident, Lu Yunji and Lu Qi and his son trusted Fu Tao even more.

Sheng Xiaojing was also overly sad, bedridden, and even regretted letting Sheng Chumu go to the battlefield, but everyone didn’t know that Sheng Chumu fell off the cliff and fell into the sea and was rescued by Yan Zifang.

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