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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 5 Recap

Ruan Nianchu ran desperately, trying to escape the villain who wanted to rape him. Ruan Nianchu begged and warned that it was Lee’s woman that he should not touch him. But the wicked lust was overwhelming, so he pounced on Ruan Nianchu, but fortunately, Lee appeared in time and staged a scene of heroes saving the United States. Ruan Nianchu also took this opportunity to escape quickly. After Lee taught the bad guys, he went to find Ruan Nianchu. He told Ruan Nianchu not to move, because the location she stepped on was a minefield, and she would die if she let go. But in fact, this was Lee’s threatening words. Lee whispered in Ruan Nianchu’s ear that if you want to survive, you must follow yourself, because the entire forest area of ​​Thai City is covered with surveillance drones, all of which belong to Tuva.

Li Teng did not kiss Ruan Nianchu, because he was also struggling inside. After all, only leaving Ruan Nianchu by himself was the best protection for her. Qiao Yufei came to visit Ruan Nianchu at the backstage of Xi’s micro-troupe with flowers, and told Ruan Nianchu that he must dig the parking little prince Jiang Hao three feet away. Ruan Nianchu saw that Qiao Yufei was very persistent with Jiang Hao. Ruan Nianchu told Qiao Yufei that Li Teng suddenly stopped kissing herself.

Qiao Yufei asked Ruan Nianchu straightforwardly whether Li Teng was curvy, but Ruan Nianchu directly stated that Li Teng was not curvy, but he felt that Li Teng was with him. At the time, my mind renewed. As soon as Qiao Yufei heard it, she told Ruan Nianchu a strategy for the next date to test whether Li Teng was interested in women.

When Li Teng took a bath, Ruan Nianchu was thinking of Ruan Nianchu in his heart. In fact, Ruan Nianchu was always hidden deep in his heart, and all his love was projected on Ruan Nianchu. Jiang Hao called Li Teng and said that he could not go to the Xi micro-troupe to watch Ruan Nianchu perform, because he had to take care of the stars at home, Jiang Hao also asked Li Teng, this time he went to the Xi micro-troupe to get silver coins, and it was true afterwards. No more intersection with Ruan Nianchu. Li Teng’s heart was full of Ruan Nianchu, but in order to protect Ruan Nianchu, he still told Jiang Hao that he would leave Ruan Nianchu afterwards.

Li Teng asked the team leader to return the coins hidden in the soil, and at the same time, the mysterious woman also sneaked into the team leader’s office to find the coins. The group leader took out the silver coin from his wallet, but dropped it to the ground. The coin was stolen and exchanged by a mysterious woman. Ruan Nianchu’s first drama performance was very successful, and Li Teng also received the fake coin from the head of the group.

After the performance, Li Xiaoyan deliberately went to the backstage to provoke Ruan Nianchu, but she embarrassed herself and walked out in embarrassment. After the performance, Li Teng drove Ruan Nianchu out to celebrate. Li Teng kept what Ruan Nianchu had said five years ago in his heart. Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng that he had never regretted meeting him again. The two came to the snack street Ruan Nianchu had mentioned five years ago, holding a transparent umbrella. Ruan Nianchu tried to get close to Li Teng to make inadvertent physical contact. In order to have a good kiss impression, Ruan Nianchu avoided all the heavy taste of food. After the inadvertent physical contact failed, he took the initiative to ask Li Teng to teach him self-defense.

After Jiang Hao explained to take care of the stars, he went out to buy a crown where he met Qiao Yufei last time. After buying the crown, Jiang Hao and Qiao Yufei once again passed by regretfully, missing fate. Li Teng brought Ruan Nianchu to the place where he usually practiced his body, and began to teach Ruan Nianchu. Li Teng hugged Ruan Nianchu and told Ruan Nianchu how to get out. The first time he had such a close contact with Li Teng, Ruan Nianchu was very nervous and his face flushed.

Li Teng saw Ruan Nianchu’s nervousness, so he let Ruan Nianchu hug him. He didn’t know how to hold him, Li Teng was also a little nervous. In an independent space, a man and a woman, the atmosphere’s eyes and gestures seemed to be all right, but Li Teng still controlled himself and did not kiss Ruan Nianchu.

After Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng got up, Ruan Nianchu asked Li Teng if he wanted to kiss him last night. I didn’t know that Ruan Nianchu hadn’t finished speaking, but Li Teng could not control himself. He hugged Ruan Nianchu and kissed him deeply. Affectionate kiss.

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