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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 4 Recap

In fact, Lee also got his life back when the ship exploded. Two years ago, Lee also ran a cane against Forget Me and planned to say goodbye to Ruan Nianchu, but he received a call from Jiang Hao and learned that if he were close to Ruan Nianchu, Ruan Nianchu might be in danger. Lee had no choice but to give up and take possession of himself. His affection and tenderness are all projected into his eyes that stare at Ruan Nianchu from a distance.

Ruan Nianchu accidentally found Li Teng in his living room, shocked, and at the same time felt ashamed and thrown home. The two set off together to get the piano in the Xiwei Opera Troupe. Ruan Nianchu murmured that he didn’t feel like a girlfriend at all, but he didn’t know that Li Teng actually joked and asked her to pick up the fare at the end of the month.

On the road, Ruan Nianchu leaned on the car seat and slept sweetly, and Li Teng was also fascinated by it. When he got downstairs in the Xi Wei Theater Troupe, Ruan Nianchu complained that Li Teng had parked the car downstairs in the Xi Wei Theater Troupe. As expected, this action caused the office colleagues’ troubles. Gossip, everyone said that this is going to be a plot of a love triangle. Ruan Nianchu entered the warehouse of the Xi micro-troupe to search for the electronic organ. In order to find silver coins, Li Teng also followed into the office of the Xi micro-troupe.

After Li Teng entered the office, Ruan Nianchu’s gossip colleagues followed Li Teng. Ruan Nianchu spent a long time and found the electronic disk. He didn’t know that when he left the warehouse door, he found that Li Teng had already been chatting with the team leader and his colleagues. The team leader kindly invited Li Teng to eat hot pot with them at noon. At the dinner table, Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu’s colleagues that his encounter with Ruan Nianchu was an accident.

The head of the group accidentally mentioned that forget-me-not attracted Li Teng’s attention, and he simply asked the head of the group for forget-me-not. At the same time, he also learned that Ruan Nianchu has always been obsessed with herself, otherwise Ruan Nianchu would not give her to her five years ago. The flower is so important. The head of the group also joked about the relationship between the two unintentionally. Li Teng learned that the script’s name was Li Ke’s first love, and deliberately asked for the script in front of Ruan Nianchu. Ruan Nianchu was a little bit shy and hurriedly left.

After Li Teng took the flower back, he carefully flipped the flower upside down with Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao asked Li Teng a lot, after he found the coin, would he leave Ruan Nianchu? Li Teng told Jiang Hao that he did not want to show up the second He Lihua and Xia Xingxing. Jiang Hao guessed that Li Teng might have to go to Taicheng, but he felt that as long as he found the coin, Li Teng could be with Ruan Nianchu in peace. Jiang Hao and Li Teng didn’t find the chip in Forget-me-not. Jiang Hao felt that this was also good, so at least Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu were entangled for a while because of the coin.

Li Teng learned that it was mostly his carelessness, and at the same time he also received a text message from Ruan Nianchu inviting Li Teng to attend Qiao Yufei’s birthday party. Li Teng responded very happily to the news of the coin. Qiao Yufei complained to Ruan Nianchu that she hoped that the little prince Jiang Hao could attend her birthday party, and Qiao Yufei also planned to buy a new crown. Xing Xing told Li Teng and Jiang Hao that his crown was broken, and Jiang Hao decided to buy a new crown for Xing.

Jiang Hao met Qiao Yufei again because of the ice queen’s crown, which made Qiao Yufei very excited. Qiao Yufei’s unusual initiative made Jiang Hao a little flustered. Qiao Yufei made a request. As long as Jiang Hao agreed to leave a WeChat account for herself, she could give her the crown. , And invited Jiang Hao to attend his birthday dinner. After the two had settled, Jiang Hao received a temporary phone call and left in a hurry. Therefore, Qiao Yufei’s crown was not given to Jiang Hao, and Jiang Hao’s WeChat was not given to Qiao Yufei.

At the birthday party, everyone played truth and adventure games together. Ruan Nianchu was coaxed and kissed by everyone. In order to avoid embarrassment, Ruan Nianchu decided to drink by himself. Li Teng, a straight steel man, walked over and drank for Ruan Nianchu, but the atmosphere was a little awkward, Li Teng was not ready to kiss Ruan Nianchu. At the same time, in the private room next door, one eye has been peeping secretly at Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu.

Because of the fever of the stars, Jiang Hao couldn’t come to Qiao Yufei’s birthday party as scheduled, and was a little bit lost. Qiao Yufei didn’t want to leave her birthday party early because she wanted to wait for Jiang Hao to come to her, and when everyone had separated. Qiao Yufei was drunk and complained that Jiang Hao had let go of the pigeons. She couldn’t bear to bring her favorite crown. She felt that she had paid too much to Jiang Hao, and she was heartbroken.

The next day was the premiere of Li Ke’s first love. Ruan Nianchu reminded Qiao Yufei to participate tomorrow. After sending Qiao Yufei, Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng walked home side by side. Li Teng asked Ruan Nianchu’s emotional views. Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng that he did not agree with Qiao Yufei’s emotional views. Ruan Nianchu also asked what kind of girl Li Teng liked. Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that he liked a girl who laughed, but he did not directly tell Ruan Nianchu that the girl he liked was her. Ruan Nianchu straightforwardly told Li Teng that he liked a man like him. When Li Teng helped Ruan Nianchu brush his hair, the surrounding air began to be ambiguous, and Li Teng was about to kiss Ruan Nianchu.

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