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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 1 Recap

The quirky drama actor Ruan Nianchu was rehearsing the play in the Xi micro theater with rain, but the actor could not understand that Ruan Nianchu knew that the hero’s house in the script was a suspended animation, but why did he cry so emotionally and a little annoyed to accuse Ruan Nianchu. Why not act according to the script. Ruan Nianchu received a bit of emotion and muttered a few words, but the actor heard the implication that Ruan Nianchu said that his play was not good, and became even more annoyed inexplicably. Ruan Nianchu also heard the actor’s irritation, and simply suggested that today’s rehearsal is over. The director heard the subtle atmosphere in the rehearsal hall and asked everyone to disband themselves.

In fact, Ruan Nianchu cried so emotionally during the rehearsal, because because of the drama, he remembered the memories of his 20 years old, the memories about Lee, and the heart that was stranded that year. When everyone was over, Ruan Nianchu cast his gaze out of the window, thinking inside. Now Ruan Nianchu is acting out the sorrows and joys of others, no matter what the process, so she insists in her heart that if the ending is not good, then it is not the ending.

The appearance of Dai Jie’s bouquet interrupted Ruan Nianchu’s thoughtfulness, and the two came to the coffee shop to talk together. It turned out that Ruan Nianchu sent a message in the Moments that he was regaining singleness. Dai Jie was obviously interested in Ruan Nianchu, but Ruan Nianchu directly pushed Dai Jie’s WeChat account to his friend Qiao Yufei.

This wave of operations directly surprised Dai Jie. ‘S stunned. Just as Dai Jie was about to question Ruan Nianchu, a figure similar to Li Teng appeared outside the window. Ruan Nianchu had no time to say goodbye to Dai Jie, so he rushed into the rain and chased him, but what was waiting for her was still disappointment. It wasn’t Li Teng, but Ruan Nianchu firmly believed that Li Teng must still be alive.

Qiao Yufei came to Ruan Nianchu’s home and told Ruan Nianchu that she had decided to enter the internet literary circle, and that she had to concentrate on creating, and now pushing Dai Jie to herself would make her feel overwhelmed. Qiao Yufei showed her creation to Ruan Nianchu for a closer look. Ruan Nianchu took a look and found that it was him who wrote it. The content of the plot is about what happened five years ago by Ruan Nianchu.

It was probably the heroine Ruan Nianchu who was in the old age. When she was a senior, she went to Taicheng to film and was bullied by another actor, Li Hongyan. The base, as a result, was regarded as being dropped into the sea, and her life was lost due to an investigation. Fortunately, the male protagonist Lee jumped into the sea and saved her. Qiao Yufei was envious of Ruan Nianchu being able to experience such a heart-wrenching love.

Qiao Yufei’s script evoked Ruan Nianchu’s memories. That year she was almost raped and Lee saved her. Qiao Yufei told Ruan Nianchu that she hadn’t figured out the ending yet. Although Ruan Nianchu told Qiao Yufei before that the male protagonist had sacrificed to save the female protagonist, but what then? As soon as Ruan Nianchu heard the conversation, he then wrote that the hostess had lived a nine-to-five life, that it was time for work and work to get married. Qiao Yufei heard Ruan Nianchu’s duplicity, otherwise he would not have been taking care of the forget-me-not potted flower.

Ruan Nianchu asked the leader for help with forget-me-not, hoping to get back to life. At the same time, the team leader told Ruan Nianchu that the previous play needed to be suspended because another actress, Li Xiaoyan, was too busy. Ruan Nianchu talked about the leader as soon as he heard it, and learned about Li Xiaoyan’s current location.

Ruan Nianchu was stopped at the event and had to call Qiao Yufei for help and ask her to create an invitation letter for herself. It turns out that Li Xiaoyan was Li Hongyan who framed her back then. After Ruan Nianchu entered the event venue, she humbly invited Li Xiaoyan to participate in the performance, but Li Xiaoyan was obviously very unhappy and asked the security guard to stop Ruan Nianchu not to let her approach her.

In a hurry, Ruan Nianchu picked up the microphone and directed the security guard to aim at him. As soon as the microphone was activated, Ruan Nianchu praised Li Xiaoyan with great praise, and at the same time announced the news of Li Xiaoyan’s appearance in the drama. Li Xiaoyan had to go to Ruan Nianchu’s side with a smirk, and let everyone enjoy the party tonight. . Li Xiaoyan thinks Ruan Nianchu is indeed very capable, but she has never seen the contract for acting in a drama. Maybe her agent knows better. In Li Xiaoyan’s heart, she doesn’t want to act in a drama at all.

When Li Xiaoyan was about to leave, she shouted sharply. Ruan Nianchu felt that Li Teng was Lee when she looked at her figure, but Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that she had misunderstood the person and did not know her. Li Teng’s words made Ruan Nianchu a little bit disappointed, but Ruan Nianchu did not forget the purpose of this trip. She took out the contract and hoped that Li Xiaoyan could fulfill the contract. Li Xiaoyan coldly threw the contract into the swimming pool and asked Ruan Nianchu if she had learned to swim.

In order to win the opportunity, Ruan Nianchu struggled for a while but jumped into the swimming pool and picked up the soaked contract. When entering the water, Ruan Nianchu mistakenly thought that Li Teng had saved him, but in fact, Li Teng was indifferent to him, which made Ruan Nianchu inexplicably disappointed. Sitting on the edge of the curb, Ruan Nianchu received a call from the head of the delegation, saying that Song Xiaoyan had agreed to participate in the drama and praised Ruan Nianchu for being very good, and that there was nothing to deal with.

Ruan Nianchu also remembered what happened to him overseas five years ago. In that year, in order to save Ruan Nianchu, Lee deliberately violated Ruan Nianchu by pretending to be the face he was doing. In fact, he did push-ups under the covers. When his subordinates left, Lee also left. Just as Ruan Nianchu was in a daze, Li Teng suddenly drove up in front of Ruan Nianchu, which made Ruan Nianchu suddenly moved, but seeing Li Xiaoyan sitting in the back seat, the fire of hope was extinguished again.

Li Xiaoyan asked Li Teng on the road why she was so impressed with Ruan Nian for the first time. She also mentioned that Li Teng didn’t like other people doing things in his passenger seat. Li Teng didn’t seem to want to talk to Li Xiaoyan, and even Li Xiaoyan threatened to change the security team. Tengdu is fearless. The team leader carefully helped Li Xiaoyan take care of forget-me-not, but unexpectedly found a coin-shaped mobile USB flash drive during the change of soil. Out of curiosity, the team leader plugged it into his mobile phone. When it broke, he put it in his wallet.

Ruan Nianchu told Qiao Yufei about meeting Lee again. Qiao Yufei felt that Lee must have been born again, because Ruan Nianchu clearly told himself that the ship had exploded. Ruan Nianchu didn’t need to listen to Qiao Yufei’s web text logic, but only told Qiao Yufei that she was about to start a new life. Qiao Yufei was happy for Ruan Nianchu and felt that Ruan Nianchu should let Lee go.

The two were chatting and laughing. Ruan Nianchu received a WeChat recommendation from his mother. It was another conversation that allowed Ruan Nianchu to go on a blind date. Ruan Nianchu saw the WeChat name 0714 and had an inexplicable sense of familiarity. That year, I saw these numbers on the desk in Lee’s room. . Ruan Nianchu came to the agreed place in red, only to find that Li Teng was the target of the blind date this time.

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