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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 7 Recap

Prince Han Mansion set up a banquet in the mansion, preparing to let Sun Lu and two daughters perform for the prince, Princess Xin Nan also sneaked out of the palace, dressed as a servant of the Prince Han Mansion, wanting to see what kind of person Sheng Chumu is. . Sheng Chumu met with Fu Rou and told Fu Rou that Mrs. Sheng agreed to their marriage. The two were hugging in the room. The two brothers Sheng Chujun and Sheng Chuling peeped outside the door. After they were found, they returned She was particularly sensible and called Fu Rou’s sister-in-law. Fu Rou was a little shy, and the two brothers told Sheng Chumu about the prince’s selection of the concubine.

The prince was still hunting in the suburbs. He shot an eagle. The eagle fell on a tree. He also ran into Chen Ji. Chen Ji climbed up the tree to help the prince take the eagle. He was neither humble nor overbearing when facing the prince. Interested, after Chen Ji left, the prince and King Han went back to the house for a dinner. Before the banquet started, Sun Lingshu was worried that her dance skirt was not as good as the Lu’s. Seeing that Sun Lingshu was troubled, Fu Rou offered to help. At the beginning of the banquet, Lu Yunji couldn’t wait to ask Lu Yingying to perform for the prince.

The prince watched Lu Yingying intently, while Princess Xin Nan secretly looked at Sheng Chumu in the corner. After Lu Yingying danced, it was Sun Lingshu’s turn to play. The prince thought Sun Lingshu was unremarkable, but he danced. Suddenly petals fluttered out of Sun Lingshu’s sleeves. Coupled with her smart dancing posture, petals fluttered all over the sky. Add a lot of color to Sun Lingshu.

The performances of the two were very wonderful, which made the prince do not know how to choose. Sheng Chumu was unwilling to let the Lu family succeed, so he deliberately said that he thought Lu Yingying was beautiful, and he had seen the red mole on Lu Yingying’s waist. , This made the prince have a knot in his heart. Because of Sheng Chumu’s spoiler, the prince finally chose Sun Lingshu as the prince.

The prince was appointed, and the prince Han invited the prince to the theater in the mansion to listen to the play. Before leaving, the king quietly praised Sheng Chumu. Lu Yunji relied on his military merits and became less and less concerned about people. Chu Mu showed him some colors this time, which made King Han very pleased. When he arrived at the theater, the prince found that the actor who played the leading role was Chen Ji who had just met in the woods.

At this moment the queen came suddenly, saw the screen embroidered by Fu Rou, admired Fu Rou’s craftsmanship, and summoned Fu Rou for questioning. Lu Yunji recognized Fu Rou and deliberately asked the queen to ask Fu Rou to go to the palace. The Shangrong Bureau of Shangrong served the royal family. This was the queen’s order, and no one could refute it. Fu Rou’s entry into the palace was a foregone conclusion.

Princess Xin Nan heard Sheng Chumu’s words, and she felt that Sheng Chumu was a big-eyed ghost, and she was not worthy of herself. She was about to leave. Sheng Chuling suddenly returned to the room and instructed Princess Xin Nan to pour water for herself. Sheng Chuling She was dumb, seeing the maid in front of her being so bold, she pulled her into her arms and kissed her. Princess Xin Nan panicked and slapped Sheng Chuling to the corner of the table with a slap. Sheng Chuling knocked her head on her head and fainted. At this time, Li Fuling came over. Princess Xin Nan didn’t dare to say that she was being frivolous, so she hurriedly took Li Fuling away.

Sheng Chumu thought he could marry Fu Rou and go home this time, but now that Fu Rou is about to enter the palace, he even wants to find the queen impulsively. King Han and Princess Han stopped Sheng Chumu and analyzed it for him. Interests, let him think about Fu Rou, and then persuaded Sheng Chumu. Fu Rou will enter the palace in one day. Once entering the palace is as deep as the sea, Sheng Chumu doesn’t know how long it will take for Fu Rou to see her again, so she stayed in Fu Rou’s room to see Fu Rou more at night. Sheng Chumu did nothing except kiss Fu Rou.

The next day Fu Rou was leaving. Sheng Chumu asked her if she had anything to say. Fu Rou held back all night and asked how he knew that Lu Yingying had a red mole on her waist. Sheng Chumu hurriedly said about herself It was known from the maid of Lu Yingying’s friend, who was also known by Sheng Chujun, and Fu Rou was relieved to enter the palace. After Fu Rou left, Sheng Chumu made up his mind to never let Lu Yunji go.

The Ministry of Internal Servant, Yang Bai took Fu Rou to see Zhong Shang Palace. Zhong Shang Palace introduced the situation to Fu Rou. Now Fu Rou has been appointed as a secretary by the queen. She is already a female officer of the sixth rank, and arranged for Fu Rou’s maid Shu. He served Fu Rou, and Li Dianzhi helped Fu Rou get acquainted with the affairs of Shang Rong Bureau as soon as possible. Because Fu Rou had just entered the palace, she needed to go to the Shangyi Bureau to learn etiquette, and Situ Emcee was very strict. After the training, Li Dianzhi approached Fu Rou and asked her to send something to Concubine Yan.

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