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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 6 Recap

When Lu Yunji learned of what had just happened, he asked Lu Yingying who was that person. Lu Yingying couldn’t answer. He only said that he knew Lu Yunji. Lu Yunji asked Lu Yingying to paint a portrait of Yan Zifang after arriving in Chang’an. . After the Fu family was burned, the Fu family went to Chang’an and went to Fu Yong’an. When Fu Rou arrived in Chang’an, Sheng Chumu went home and asked Mrs. Sheng about her marriage to Fu Rou.

Mrs. Sheng resolutely disagreed and pretended to be ill. Mu didn’t let him go. Here, Princess Han called Fu Rou and asked Fu Rou to stay in the Han Palace as an embroiderer for five years. Otherwise, their Fu family would not be well in Chang’an. For the Fu family, Fu Rou could only sign contract. Regarding Fu Rou’s conversation, Princess Han felt that although she had a bad background, she was a dignified person and was a good person. It is better to stay in the Palace of Han Dynasty than to be married by Sheng Chumu and buried in the Palace of Lu.

But Sheng Chumu didn’t understand the hard work of Princess Han, and came to the dignitaries in the Han Dynasty mansion aggressively. Princess Han gave Sheng Chumu a lesson and said that Fu Rou would stay in her mansion first, so that Sheng Chumu would be alert. , She also persuaded Sheng Chumu kindly, saying that if you really want to stay together with Fu Rou, don’t be reckless. Impulsiveness will only burn jade and stone. Once Sheng Chumu has passed Mrs. Sheng’s level, she won’t be embarrassed. Fu Rou, but if Sheng Chumu didn’t abide by the rules and secretly came to meet with Fu Rou in Prince Han’s Mansion, he would punish Sheng Chumu for Fu Rou’s mistakes.

After returning home, Sheng Chumu apologized to Mrs. Sheng, and promised that he would study hard in the future, and also study with Sheng Chujun and Sheng Chuling. When Mrs. Sheng saw that Sheng Chumu suddenly changed his temper, she thought that Sheng Chumu was ill. Up. Sheng Chumu did a good job for a while, and once again proposed to Mrs. Sheng to marry Fu Rou, but was still rejected. Before, Sheng Chumu was a dude and could not choose a good wife.

Now that Sheng Chumu has changed, Sheng Xiaojing wants to make Sheng Chu again. Mu married Princess Xinnan. Seeing that this road was unworkable, Sheng Chumu clamored to become a monk, and even quarreled with himself from the palace. After a long time, he tricked Mrs. Sheng into agreeing to let him marry Fu Rou. Sheng Chumu got the promise and hurried away. Han Wang Mansion.

Xia Han, the embroiderer of the Royal Palace of Han Dynasty, received a lot of gems and gold and silver threads, but she hadn’t repaired the princess’s clothes. She was punished by Granny Lu, and Fu Rou kindly helped to sew them, and learned that Xia Han secretly hid her. The gold and silver threads and gems were used to make wedding dresses for her younger sister.

Fu Rou was a little bit emotional, thinking that when Fu Yin got married, she would also sew the wedding dresses for Fu Yin herself. Fu Yin likes Du Ning, but the third wife has always hoped that Fu Yin will marry someone who is an official, and be an official wife. Now that the third wife has passed away, she wants to satisfy the wish of the third wife during her lifetime.

When Du Ning heard it, she said she would go After getting fame, Fu Yin waited for him. Fu Yin agreed and expressed his willingness to wait for Du Ning. Fu Rou sealed Princess Han’s robe, and Princess Han saw that there were no gems on the dress. Fu Rou explained that it was to make the robe more beautiful. Even so, Fu Rou should be punished if she made her own decision. Princess Han asked her to embroider a pair. For peony pictures, if you embroider well, you will be rewarded. If you don’t embroider well, you will be punished heavily for this incident.

Lu Yunji offered a high price reward to destroy the Sihaigang. Yan Zifang and his subordinate Haihu fled around. After arriving in Chang’an, Lu Yingying painted a portrait of Yan Zifang to Lu Qi. Lu Yingying didn’t want Yan Zifang to be arrested, and deliberately added a beard to Yan Zifang’s portrait. Hey.

Xia Han made a purse and hoped that Fu Rou could help her give it to Xiong Rui. Fu Rou went to the theater to find someone, and happened to ran into a person named Chen Ji. Chen Ji said that Xiong Rui was out of the house and he could hand it over to her. . Fu Rou gave her purse to Chen Ji and went back to embroider. Granny Lu was full of praise for Fu Rou’s embroidery work. She also heard some things about Fu Rou and Sheng Chumu, so she persuaded Fu Rou not to be persistent, but Fu Rou firmly believes that Sheng Chumu will not give up on herself.

The prince has begun to choose her concubine. The secretary Cheng Suntan’s eldest daughter, Sun Lingshu, and Princess Xin Nan’s friend Li Fuling are among them. Princess Xin Nan is worried that the queen will choose a strong prince, and she will be suppressed by the prince in the palace. Fuling can become his own sister-in-law, but the queen does not want Princess Xin Nan to intervene in this matter. The queen hesitated between Sun Lingshu and Lu Yingying, and asked the emperor’s idea. When the emperor saw this, he said that he would let the prince choose by himself and see which woman the prince liked, and left the matter to King Han.

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