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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 13 Racap

Lu Nan was unhappy because of the things in northern Jiangsu, and was furious at his subordinates in the office at work. Yun Fan brought an investigation report, telling Lu Nan that Zhang Yuan and Gu Chengze’s assistants have been in contact. The money he used to repay the company’s 8 million deficit was part of the Phixiangjin mortgage, which was Huanzhen’s mortgage that year.

After approving the transfer to the public account of Sanglan Clothing, it was transferred to a person named Qiao Yufeng, and this person is now Zhang Yuan’s girlfriend Qiao Qiao. A few days ago, northern Jiangsu received this news before the live broadcast, plus Aunt Lan was critically ill, so she impulsively wanted to reveal the “true face” of Lu Nan she thought during the live broadcast.

Yun Fan said that he didn’t mean to explain for Subei, but hoped that Lu Nan could calm down and think about whether the misunderstanding between him and Subei was deliberately tricking him. Lu Nan asked Yunfan to find Zhang Yuan as soon as possible to find out the truth.

Ye Ting and Yunfan captured Zhang Yuan together. Zhang Yuan claimed that he was indeed following the instructions to take care of Chengze. Qiao Qiao and Gu Chengze’s assistant were relatives. It was then handed over to the police.

Lu Nan was dizzy. The doctor informed him that the blood clot on his head caused by the car accident was in the transfer position. It is now very dangerous and needs to be operated as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the opportunity is missed, it may cause blindness. Lu Nan refused to perform the operation now.

Yunfan found Subei and handed her a USB flash drive with Lunan’s video. It recorded Lunan’s confession to Subei when he was happy to set up the hotel a few days ago. Yunfan said Lunan is in a very bad state. If Subei can’t give him true love, please leave far away, and Subei feels sad.

Amy returned to Nancy. She told Lu Nan and Gu Chengze that both sides have certain advantages. Although Huanzhen’s transdyeing technology is not yet mature, the company is still very interested in it, and Gu’s market share is very high. High, but the requirements for Xi Ya in the distribution of benefits are more demanding, so it was finally decided to start the design competition between Huanzhen and Gu, winning two games in three rounds, and assessing the costume design ability of both parties, and the one who can get it.

Subei met with Gu Yan and said that he had done something wrong, and now he did not know what to do. Gu Yan said that he would follow his own heart when he did not know what to do, because his heart would never deceive himself. Subei praised him for his insight, and asked Gu Yan to help him understand the unknown side of Gu Chengze. If he was willing to help, he would owe this favor, and the two sides hit it off.

Gu has a top domestic designer team, and for Huanzhen, Lu Nan rejected Subei’s design philosophy and refused to let her participate in this competition. As a result, Huanzhen lost the first game without a doubt.

That night, North Jiangsu found Lunan and said that if he did not change the design concept in time, Huanzhen would definitely fail. I hope he can give himself a chance to participate in the planning of the design plan, and is willing to use his career and marriage as a guarantee. If Xia’s cooperation cannot be obtained, she will leave the house alone and resign from the company. She will never show up in front of Lu Nan again. She takes out the signed agreement and Lu Nan simply signs it.

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