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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 50 Recap

The imperial army began to search the palace of the concubine Chen thoroughly, but did not find any gains. But Kou Zhun urged extremely anxiously, must search thoroughly. When the ministers saw Kou Zhun’s misbehaving appearance, they all opposed. Kou Zhun suspected that the edict might be on Wan’er, but Liu E was very angry when he heard it. Kou Zhun’s move disturbed the person who had left. Everyone also couldn’t understand Kou Zhun’s abnormality. Liu E decided to let Yuan Kan’s body enter the imperial tomb first, and selected several ministers and workers to assist in the government.

But Su Yijian insisted on opposing it. Yuan Kan’s verbal order did exist, not to mention that Liu E was the only person qualified to serve in the court, and even the benefit required Liu E’s assistance. There was a speech from the prince, and the ministers did not. I dared to object, but had to bow my head and agree. Returning to the bedroom, Mrs. Kou asked to see her and brought her nephew Su Xun. Seeing that she was very clever, Liu E asked him to enter the palace and study with the beneficiary.

In the middle of the night, Liu E heard the singing of King Chu in the Buddhist hall, desolate and miserable, which caused Liu E to miss Yuan Kan. And Liu E is not the only one who misses Yuan Kan. Zhang Jingzong has been with Yuan Kan for many years, and his friendship has been deepened. Zhang Jingzong requested to resign from the position of chief executive, and took Yuan Kan’s palace into the imperial tomb, and stayed by. . Liu E heard what Jing Zong said, and was very moved, but now that he is about to take the throne, the only person Liu E trusts is Jing Zong. Hearing Liu E’s request, Zhang Jingzong felt Liu E’s sincerity, and he agreed.

The next day, above the court, Kou Zhun was still disdainful of Su Yijian’s appearance, still believing that Cao Lili and Su Yijian were the ones who bullied the power. As soon as he saw a phoenix chair next to the dragon chair, he became angry again, and did not recognize Liu E’s status as the emperor. Su Yijian and Kou Zhun quarreled, and they were all heard by Liu E and Yiyi. Liu E expressionlessly asked the people to remove the phoenix chair, which undoubtedly responded to Kou Zhun’s protest. Now the urgent matter is the mausoleum. Ding Wei has already reported his arrangement, and after benefiting, he agreed to hand over the related matters to Ding Wei.

Ding Wei’s separate memorial, please let Yingyi and Liu E go to Wende Hall to listen to politics on a few days of each month, and only need to revise the memorial for the rest of the time. The opposition from Su Yijian was not only in accordance with the ancient system, but also to prevent Ding Wei from letting Liu Ehe benefit from the court. After listening to Liu E, he kept silent, ignored Su Yijian’s objection, and directly agreed to Ding Wei’s invitation.

Su Yijian asked Liu E in private why he agreed. Liu E believed that the beneficiary’s reign was short. If the deeply rooted forces of Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo stumble, it is likely to be counterproductive. Looking at Su Yijian’s worried expression, Liu E couldn’t help asking whether Yuan Kan really left a message. Su Yijian didn’t expect that even Liu E was jealous of his words and the emperor’s sincerity. Su Yijian solemnly knelt down to report, and Liu E knew Su Yijian’s bright sincerity and no longer doubted it.

The eunuch came to report that King Ji and Princess Ji wanted to leave the palace. Liu E went to the bedroom to find King Ji. Who knows that King Ji and Princess Ji are both defensive, for fear that Liu E is attacking them, but Liu E is not so vicious. Mind, now physically and mentally exhausted, Liu E didn’t want to leave Wang Ji again, but just nodded in answer.

Taifu Cao took the ruler and beat it on the back of Cao Utilizing. His son stood in Liu E’s team, but instead restrained his plan to push the King of Ji to the throne. Cao Taifu regarded it as a betrayal. But Cao used his teeth to endure, until Cao Taifu asked him if he knew his mistakes, Cao used this to point out sharply that Cao Taifu’s obstinacy to the old system and the hopeless king of Ji squeezed out the righteous prince. This was originally a dead end. His father showed his sharp edge and made many enemies.

The delusion of changing the state of the country, the reality is very wrong. If he persists, the Cao family will become the second Pan family. Since childhood, he taught the rule of the ruler and the house, but now his father’s words and deeds are all contrary, Cao Taifu’s ruler fell, and his son’s words pierced the bubble of his imagination like a needle, leaving him speechlessly, but Cao took advantage of it. He called his father again, and said firmly and slowly, only the emperor could sit on the side of the country. Only oneself can make the Cao family prosperous.

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