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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 13 Recap

After Ma Shanshan arrived, he chatted with Liang Chen a few words. Talking about the situation during the school celebration, Liang Chen felt that the school sisters and younger brothers were very enthusiastic. At the same time, he told Ma Shanshan that Professor Qin also mentioned him specifically, Ma Shan Shan is his most proud apprentice, and Ma Shanshan also said that he will go back to see Professor Qin alone in the future.

Taro didn’t leave, and waited for Ma Shanshan downstairs. He had to get on Ma Shanshan’s car. I didn’t know that Ma Shanshan knew Liang Chen. If he had known them, he and Ma Shanshan would have been too early. I knew it. Still talking about the theory of six degrees of division, Ma Shanshan is simply too lazy to listen and ignore the taro.

At this time, the two policemen chased and stopped the car of Yutou and Ma Shanshan. It turned out that when Yutou came back, he called an online taxi but did not take it. Instead, he got into the car of Ma Shanshan and called the car I didn’t pick up the taro, so I thought that I had something wrong with the taro and called the police.

This attracted the police. I remembered that I quickly apologized to the police. The police found that both Mashanshan and taro were familiar. Mashanshan turned around and drove around. Go, drop the taro and leave. The police had no choice but to send Taro back. Taro boasted of his famous movie star and took two police officers to take pictures. Lu Jing came downstairs to help take pictures. It looked like Taro was caught by the police one by one.

There was a lively dinner at Taro’s house. Liang Chen, Jiayun and the director were all there. Lu Jingming deliberately went to Taro’s house to borrow something when he knew it. When Jiayun saw Lu Jing came in, he deliberately added chicken legs to Liang Chen, knowing that Liang Chen couldn’t. Lu Jing was jealous when he deliberately picked out coriander. Taro also deliberately asked Liang Chen whether Lu Jing looked energetic. Liang Chen was a little embarrassed to deliberately said that Lu Jing was still a child, and was so angry that Lu Jing deliberately slammed the door when he left, but he was still jealous when he returned to the room. Thing, slam the door vigorously when leaving, this move made Liang Chen couldn’t help laughing.

After borrowing the pot, I wanted to return it again. As soon as I opened the door, I saw Liang Chen who was leaving. Lu Jing took the initiative to speak to Liang Chen and gave Liang Chen his coat. After Liang Chen went back, he touched Lu Jing’s. Jacket, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Lu Jing was not idle, and went to Taro to inquire about the relationship between Jiayun and Liang Chen, still feeling jealous.

, Liang Chen deliberately sent a message to Lu Jing when he learned that Lu Jing was at home, he was happy to fold Lu Jing’s clothes and plan to send it there. However, he did not expect to come to Taro’s house and talked happily about Liang Chen’s gift of clothes yesterday. I never thought that Liang Chen was in Taro’s room. Lu Jing felt embarrassed. He wanted to find a seam to get in, and he would run away. Lu Jing looked funny when Liang Chen was about to run away, and he took the initiative. Offer to send Liang Chen away.

Sitting in the elevator, Liang Chen’s brain made up for the violent tremors of the elevator. Lu Jing hurriedly protected Liang Chen in his arms. Liang Chen envisioned the elevator safely and was obviously disappointed. Lu Jing seemed to see Liang Chen’s cautious smile and said he wanted to hug Liang Chen, but Liang Chen ran away in fright. Lu Jing couldn’t help but smile when he saw Liang Chen who had escaped.

When Liang Chen returned, Sister Qing was already waiting. She also asked Liang Chen and Lu Jing to team up and call to ask Lu Jing’s meaning. Lu Jing deliberately stated that he wanted to discuss with his important person. Liang Chen was wondering about that important person. Whoever received Lu Jing’s WeChat account, Lu Jing wanted to play Liang Chen, deliberately refused to team up with Liang Chen, and said that he could not be sorry for Little Box, who was his only apprentice.

Liang Chen didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t explain himself that he was Liang Chen, so he called and told Taro about the incident. Taro had an idea to find Lu Jing and inform Liang Chen about his plan to team up with Jiayun. , Lu Jing was so scared that he immediately informed Sister Qing that he agreed to team up with Liang Chen. With joy, Liang Chen flatly refused to team up with Jiayun.

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