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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 34 Recap

Teacher Zhao from the English competition group came to Weiyun and heard that there was a genius like Li Feifei. She took out a test paper and asked Li Feifei to do it. Li Feifei finished it in a short time, and he still has a lot of ideas for solving problems, which was highly praised by Mr. Zhao. Wake up seeing this scene and wanted Li Feifan to take Xiwang’s place in class. She gave Xiwangbao more than a dozen lessons, so Li Feifan could continue reading.

Lin Yunyun told Gu Jiawei about this. Gu Jiawei put her hands together and thanked God for making Lin Yunyun smart. He was thinking of keeping Li Feifei in Weiyun, so that Li Feifei could participate in the competition group on behalf of Weiyun, and that Xinyue could have a good competitor. Gu Jiawei pondered over and over again, wondering what Shen Xiaoyan’s ability could actually have such a smart son. He felt that he had a high IQ, but Xinyue was not as smart as Li Feifei.

Gu Jiawei invited Shen Xiaoyan to the office and said some good things, just to let Li Feifei continue to stay in Weiyun for free. Shen Xiaoyan felt very surprised and couldn’t believe such a good thing. Gu Jiawei bowed deeply and wanted to make Li Feifan an ambassador for Weiyun and do an exclusive interview with Weiyun. If the publicity is well done, maybe Li Feifan can still get funding from others in the future. Gu Jiawei hopes that Shen Xiaoyan can cooperate with her in the interview, and everything is for the benefit of Li Feifei.

Li Xiang found two hooligans, and while Shen Xiaoyan was not in the supermarket, he ran to the store manager to make trouble. Li Xiang and the two gangsters messed up the supermarket and directly fought with the store manager. Shen Xiaoyan told Su Wake about such a good thing. After I heard about it, I felt very reliable. Knowing that Gu Jiawei wanted Li Feifei to promote Weiyun, she found a lot of beautiful clothes for Shen Xiaoyan, and also helped her make up to make her beautiful . At this moment, Shen Xiaoyan received a call from a neighbor saying that Li Xiang was making trouble in the supermarket.

Shen Xiaoyan hurried to the supermarket and saw the supermarket mess, the store manager was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face. She choked up and apologized, all because of herself. Shen Xiaoyan returned home and asked Li Xiang why he did something stupid. Li Xiang cares too much about Shen Xiaoyan, he is worried that she likes the store manager. Shen Xiaoyan said angrily and said that she wanted to be with the store manager. Li Xiang didn’t hold back and knocked Shen Xiaoyan to the ground with a slap. Shen Xiaoyan was shocked. Li Xiang knew that he was wrong and slapped herself hard, but Shen Xiaoyan told him to get out.

Xi Bin helped Uncle Zou make a QR code for promotion. Uncle Zou praised him as a network engineer, but there was a girl who was more careful and did a lot of in-depth investigation and data analysis. Xi Bin guessed that the girl was Zining.

When Zi Ning returned home, Yin and Yang complained to her grandparents, saying that she went out to work to earn money because He Jinghua misappropriated her overseas funds. He Jinghua said that it was just temporary embezzlement. Grandma accused Jiang Bo of being useless. He couldn’t even earn the children’s education fund. He was doing nothing all day long and looked down on his frequent live broadcast work.

Shen Zihao introduced Su Xing’s new job. Knowing that she also needs it now, Su Xing expressed his gratitude to him. Su Xing took the cosmetic bag to Shen Xiaoyan’s house and saw that she was injured and knew that she was beaten by Li Xiang. Shen Xiaoyan told the truth that she had illusions about Li Xiang when she divorced and never left home. Li Xiang is usually very generous to her, but just idle. Wake up means understanding, if you leave home, you will really be separated.

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