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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 8 Recap

Originally, Nan Jianguo had edited the short message, but deleted the short message at a critical moment, but ultimately did not send it out. Facing Cai Juying’s gentle offensive and the self she had taken care of her body stroke, she was full of emotions, and then the ghost promised to hand over the quota to Yan Ziyou and told her to keep it secret.

Because of District Mayor Li, Manager Cui is not easy to offend, so he forces Zhong Yi to accept Yan Ziyou. Although Zhong Yi was forced to agree, he put forward two conditions, not only to accept Xia Huanhuan to the competition class, but also to make Tian Yulan apologize publicly in front of all the teachers and parents.

Manager Cui did not agree to expand the number of places in the competition class, but promised to convey the matter to Yan Ziyou’s parents. Tian Yulan endured this humiliation. She expressed her helplessness as a mother in front of everyone, her words were sincere and sincere, and she had exhausted the dilemma of the parents present, and even Zhong Yi couldn’t point her out.

After the apology meeting was over, Tian Yulan was about to leave and met Nan Li who came to ask her degree, so she immediately showed off to her that Yan Ziyou had entered the gold medal class. Although Tian Yulan claimed that all these were normal procedures, Nan Li didn’t fully believe it at all, and always felt that there was something tricky behind it.

Since Nan Jianlong gave the place to Yan Ziyou, it has always been uneasy in his heart. He originally had guilt for Zhao Na’s mother and daughter, but now he regrets it even more. In order to compensate Nan Li, Nan Jianguo intends to sell the cemetery purchased many years ago and turn it into cash to Nan Li.

Hearing his father’s thoughts, Nan Li was faintly puzzled. After all, the cemetery was purchased by Nan Jianlong when he was critically ill. Suddenly making this decision is really incredible. Nan Li recalled the painful memories of almost losing her father, and suddenly understood that nothing is more important than life, so I wanted to put down all the old grievances and cherish the heart-warming time she spent with Nan Jianguo. The relationship between the father and daughter was somewhat different. Promote.

Before leaving, Nan Li rejected his father’s proposal and refused to accept the money. Nan Jianguo was even more moved, and specially reminded Nan Li, claiming that she was his own biological daughter, Xia Huanhuan and Xia Chaochao are the children in his heart, no matter when, no one is more important than them.

With the opening of the gold medal class, Yan Ziyou and Mi Tao became classmates, because Mi Tao showed strong mathematics talent, not only amazed Zhong Yi, but also made Mi Tao get a lot of happiness from it. Yan Ziyou still has stable grades, and can get good results in every internal examination.

Tian Yulan is proud of her son. She often looks refreshed when she meets happy events. She always praises when she meets people, laughs when she meets people, and sings songs even when she cooks. Yan Peng sees his wife happy, and he follows his mood. Delightful. In recent times, Mi Tao often scored full marks in the test. Tian Yulan looked at the little girl with admiration. In addition to admiring her, she also reminded her son to learn from her.

Mi Tao chatted with her parents about the fun of the gold medal class, and at the same time put on a new dress that her parents rewarded her. Tian Yulan thanked Nan Jianguo for his help, bought him a robot personally, and taught him how to use it next to him. In the days to come, Tian Yulan no longer has to worry about Yan Ziyou’s academic performance, but instead sets his sights on the parents and participates in the Hanlin school mentioned by everyone.

Due to the high entry threshold of Hanlin School, many parents also squeeze their heads to allow their children to enter. Tian Yulan saw the school requirements and teacher resumes, and suddenly realized that the children’s academic performance is only the basis, and all kinds of things are needed during school. Honors, such as the importance of class leaders or triple-good students.

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