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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 10 Recap

Tian Yulan failed to tell Nan Li, so angry that she went home to complain with Cai Juying, and by the way sent a complaint email to Wei Nuan Company, claiming that the terminal was treated unfairly. After receiving the email, President Wei Nuan immediately criticized Nan Li and reminded her that as the sales director, she should strengthen communication with the terminal and maintain a friendly relationship.

Although the president suppressed the matter and did not make corresponding punishment, Cai Juying was still full of grievances, so she met Zhao Na when she was picking up Yan Ziyou, deliberately screaming in front of the other party, and indirectly squeezing Xia Huanhuan’s ability. However, Zhao Na is knowledgeable and not cowardly. She did not tolerate Cai Juying’s provocation at all. Instead, she criticized Cai Juying’s family style as a problem, and even publicly called her a junior, and her combat effectiveness was almost out of reach.

Cai Juying was so embarrassed that she went home and cried to Nan Jianlong. At the same time, she mentioned that Nan Li had “difficult” Tian Yulan in the company. Seeing that Cai Juying’s mother and daughter were both tolerant of humiliation, Nan Jianlong couldn’t bear it. He felt that his daughter was indeed a bit domineering, so he wanted to take advantage of the family gathering tonight and take the initiative to have a good talk with Nan Li.

Originally, Nan Li had planned to take the children back to see her grandpa, but not long after she agreed, she suddenly received a complaint call from Zhao Na and learned that Cai Juying had humiliated Xia Huanhuan. Because of the previous reelection of class committees, coupled with the current situation, two major events that happened one after another made Nan Li furious.

In the end, under Xia Junshan’s persuasion, Nan Li decided to go to the banquet, mainly because he wanted Nan Jianlong to be fair. As soon as the family of four came in, Nan Jianlong immediately called Nan Li to the study, and took the posture of her elders, criticizing her for being clear about Tian Yulan’s work with Tian Yulan.

Because of Nan Jianlong’s words, Nan Li felt more aggrieved, insisting that he had a clear conscience, and even dared to confront Tian Yulan. At this time, Tian Yulan and his wife came with their children. Nan Jianlong was worried that Nan Li would go to Tian Yulan to settle the account. He quickly blocked the entrance of the study, and asked her to turn the story over and stop being cold.

Yan Ziyou said without restraint, and accidentally broke the news about choosing a few places. Nan Li asked Nan Jianlong when he saw it. He was completely discouraged because of his hesitating appearance. The family banquet broke up unhappily. Nan Li and the others just left, and Nan Jianlong threw away Cai Juying, who wanted to step forward to help him, and went straight into the room without saying a word.

Xia Huanhuan hid in the bedroom and cried and complained that her grandfather no longer likes herself. Nan Li cried sadly while comforting her daughter. After comforting her daughter to rest, Xia Junshan watched Nan Li play games to vent her emotions, and couldn’t help but recall her pregnancy and childbirth. At that time, Nan Jianlong insisted on waiting outside the delivery room until the delivery went smoothly and the mother and daughter were safe. Although Nan Jianlong’s behavior is indeed chilling, Xia Junshan knows that he has a deep affection for Nan Li, and may have had to suffer.

The next morning, Yan Peng knew that he was at a loss, and met Xia Junshan to play as an apology. Unfortunately, Xia Junshan neither responded nor showed up. It happened that Yan Peng’s parents celebrated Yan Ziyou’s election as deputy monitor in the hotel’s private room, and even praised Tian Yulan for his many contributions. Tian Yulan gladly accepted the compliments of her in-laws and claimed that all this was also attributed to Cai Juying’s contribution.

Zhao Na learned about the family banquet from Xia Chaochao’s mouth, and quickly called Nan Li to find out the situation, and went to curse Nan Jianlong. Nan Jianlong felt ashamed because he passed by and watched the lively neighbours in the neighborhood, especially when he heard that Zhao Na and her ancestors cursed, even more so angry, her blood pressure rose and she got a fever. Upon seeing this, Cai Juying hurried to take care of Nan Jianlong and planned to call Nan Li and Tian Yulan, but Nan Jianlong refused to see anyone, stupidly saying that he never owed them.

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