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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 12 Recap

Although Song Ziyan’s professional ability is not as good as Shen Ruoxin’s, her best skill is to study food from all over the world, and to fully combine these foods with innovation. All of this is attributed to the travel around the year. As Song Ziyan’s dishes were well received by many people, the bar owner saw a good response and agreed to let her study the new menu.

Shen Ruoxin, wearing a dress bought by Zhu Lin’s studio, accompanied Xu Minjie to the tea party. Qi Xiao wanted to follow in to learn more, but Shen Ruoxin refused until Xu Minjie agreed. At the tea party, the female companions gathered around to praise Shen Ruoxin’s clothing.

Xu Minjie saw that it was embarrassing for Shen Ruoxin to be questioned by everyone, so he came forward and introduced her to several bosses. Qi Xiao didn’t know how to drink tea and almost made a joke. Xu Minjie looked at the interaction between him and Shen Ruoxin, but found it funny, but did not stop it.

In order to prepare for pregnancy, Zou Cheng quit smoking and drinking, and even insisted on running, to nourish various nutrients, even bought a lot of parenting books, and even stared at Song Ziyan’s taboo. Shen Ruoxin was invited to try the dishes and was extremely satisfied with Song Ziyan’s new products. At the same time, she acted as her confidant, listening to her entangled in how to explain her husband’s decision not to have children.

Mother Shen brought soup to her daughter and asked her how to arrange her thirty-sixth birthday by the way. Just as Shen Ruoxin was struggling to deal with her mother’s urging to marry, fortunately Xu Minjie called to inform her of the urgent matter temporarily. Xu Minjie wanted to buy a house in Shanghai. Considering that Shen Ruoxin had experience in selecting housing, he took her to the sales center to help advise. Unexpectedly, the real estate agent Xiaoyu recognized Shen Ruoxin and mistakenly believed that she and Xu Minjie were husband and wife, and immediately introduced them well, and promoted them according to the needs of the family.

Shen Ruoxin was a little embarrassed to stand beside him, especially seeing Xu Minjie looking at the room with a smile, and he didn’t know how to interrupt Xiaoyu’s money and talk about it. At the same time, Qi Xiao was curious about Xu Minjie’s intention to show Shen Ruoxin, and couldn’t help calling Su Yang for advice, but Su Yang believed that Shen Ruoxin would be moved by tens of millions of houses and would fall into Xu Minjie’s arms sooner or later. .

Xu Minjie asked Shen Ruoxin’s opinion, and Shen Ruoxin played the role of a white face, pointing out the problems of the house one by one. After Xiaoyu left, Xu Minjie asked Shen Ruoxin how she felt, and wanted to know what kind of house she liked. Shen Ruoxin understood Xu Minjie’s meaning and refused to comment on the grounds that he could not afford a luxury house. On the way back, Xu Minjie planned to help Shen Ruoxin apply for a new energy vehicle, but Shen Ruoxin tactfully refused, saying that he would change the car sooner or later. It would be better to experience the test drive as a customer in person.

Su Yang found that there was not much remaining in the account, so he called to urge the editor to settle the final payment of the comics as soon as possible, but he was stunned by the other party without saying a few words. Qi Xiao thought that Shen Ruoxin liked Xu Minjie, and returned to the room in a bad mood. Su Yang was left out by Qi Xiao and could only go to You Sijia to discuss a solution.

Seeing the contract problem, You Sijia immediately called the editor to urge the balance as a lawyer Su Yang, but it worked out in a while. Su Yang learned about Shen Ruoxin’s birthday through You Sijia, so he went to tell Qi Xiao about it, and Qi Xiao promised to help Su Yang help him prepare for the birthday party, and promised to help him wash his clothes for two weeks for free. At the same time, Shen Ruoxin went to a new energy car shop to select, and found that the salesperson actually limited the consumer group to young men, so she gave her some advice.

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