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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 8 Recap

After Jiang Baiyu came back, he went to Huadengfang to tell his master about this time, and asked her to give him Chong’an’s road map, and he wanted to find someone. But with so many adults in Chong’an, Zhezhi asked Jiang Baiyu where to look. Jiang Baiyu said that he couldn’t believe it and couldn’t find it every day. As soon as Zhezhi heard that he couldn’t find classes every day, Jiang Baiyu was staring at him with so many eyes.

If he was showing his feet to check his father’s affairs, they would fall short of what they did. Zhezhi persuaded Jiang Baiyu to drink more wine. Jiang Baiyu asked her why her mentality was so good every time her mission failed. Zhezhi said that doing a task is like falling in love. It is not important to break up. What is important is the long experience value. Every time a task fails, there will be some new clues. These people in black have been looking for that person to explain their The purpose is by no means as simple as killing him.

Their bigger conspiracy is behind. If the death of his father fell into Jiang Baiyu’s hands yesterday, only five points of the truth can be found. Zhezhi explained that she sent someone to check the people who appeared in Jiangzhou yesterday to see if there are any new clues, and told Jiang Baiyu not to act rashly, and to be his young master Jiang Baiyu, Jiang Baiyu agreed.

Shen Qingli did not make an appointment to go to Shui Wuxia on the Qixi Festival. Shui Wuxia guessed that he hadn’t seen the note. In the evening, Shui Wuxia wanted to go out to deliver medicine to Shen Qingli, but suddenly heard from people outside that Jiang Mansion was closed early to patrol everywhere in the mansion, so that Jiang Baiyu and the others would not go out at this time.

Jiang Baiyu deliberately undressed in front of Shui Wuxia, Shui Wuxia had to leave the room, Jiang Baiyu put on Shen Qingli’s clothes and saw Shui Wuxia on the roof. The two asked each other how they spent Qixi, and both of them lived by themselves. They all wanted to talk to each other.

They both asked each other to speak first. They both went to dig out the bracelets around their waists. Shui Wuxia suddenly turned his head and asked Shen Qingli to speak first. Shen Qingli’s bracelet fell from the roof to the ground. Shen Qingli didn’t want to be so embarrassed when giving a gift for the first time, so he lied that there were wild cats there. Shui Wuxia just wanted to take out the bracelet and give it to Shen Qingli, but saw that Shen Qingli had already brought a couple bracelet on her hand. She mistakenly thought that Shen Qingli had someone she liked, so she didn’t give it out.

Hou Changan asked Jiang Baiyu to go deep into the lives of the people, eat what the people eat and use what the people used to say what the people said, so that they could understand what people’s livelihood is. When they came to the street, they saw shops with strange names such as executioner barber shop, bandit massage shop, Mengpo hot and sour soup, Huangquan beauty salon and so on. They entered the bandit massage shop to experience a bandit massage technique and went to a small stall to eat. Suddenly a child fainted next to him, and Shui Wuxia woke up.

In recent years, the number of missing persons in Nancheng is quite high, and Hou Changan feels that it has a lot to do with Fugui, so he took Jiang Baiyu and the others to check it out in Fugui. Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia came to the stall last time. They asked the lady boss who was in charge here. The lady boss said that a man named Third Brother liked to read scripts and often went to the book stall in Dongtou to pick books, so they came to the book stall. I want to get close to my third brother.

The third brother came and learned from his words that he wanted to read the script, so Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia compiled a preemptive edition, and the next day they gave the preemptive edition to the third brother, and they successfully entered the wealthy place. As soon as they entered, the third brother drew their swords and pointed them at them. They lied about their siblings, but the third brother felt that their relationship was not simple, so they made up a story pretending to be a husband and wife, and the story moved the third brother.

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