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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 31 Recap

Siyuan and Xiwang still looked at the plug-in board, wondering how it was powered on, Siyuan took out a paperclip and asked Duoduo to try it. Duoduo was just about to get in and was awakened and knocked him down. Duoduo thought that he was awakened and beat him, and burst into tears. Duoduo’s mother was unhappy, and revived in the group, accusing her of not playing Duoduo. Lin Yunyun wanted to reply, but she didn’t expect to send it to the Weiyun group, saying that she would not take the children when she was awakened, and she was seen by the awakening group.

The next day, Duoduo’s mother suddenly took Duoduo and Wake up to admit her mistake, saying that fortunately her slap made Duoduo the spoiled child try to be beaten. Su Xing watched Xiwang attend class, worried that he would relapse due to such learning. Teacher Zhang asked Su Xing not to worry too much, and praised Xi Wang for being a smart kid, and she would help to watch him.

Wake up looking for Lin Yunyun, wanting to apply for the exemption of weekly test, Lin Yunyun said that this precedent cannot be set. But there is another requirement for waking up. The test can be done but I don’t want to announce the results. I don’t want to repeat the condition of Xianting. I reflect on the fact that I was too impatient before that caused Xianting to develop tics.

Duoduo’s mother taught a lot. After waking up, she changed her magic to the blank wall. The parents and children at the scene liked it very much. Wake up allows the children to complete this painting with themselves. The children express what they want by painting, and everyone enjoys it together, and the laughter blends into Weiyun.

In Weiyun’s weekly evaluation, Xi Wang won many small stars. After awakening, he found that Xi Wang was talented in painting, and Teacher Zhang also praised him. Su Xing quickly shared the news with Xi Bin. Xi Bin thought that he should praise him for discovering Xi Wang’s strengths. Su Xing boasted that his genes were good. Xi Bin joked that this sentence should be said by him.

Lin Yunyun told Gu Jiawei that Xinyue’s spoken English was particularly good and she performed well in the weekly test. Gu Jiawei is very proud and thinks that Crescent Moon is his own child, and he must be the best.

Wake up to chat with He Jinghua, and want to ask if He Jinghua knows a good art elementary school. She talked about Xiwang’s talent and wanted to find him an art elementary school. He Jinghua said that the two art primary schools, Weiguo and Jingya, are very good. The musical instrument classes inside are very good. Many children are selected to good junior high schools after graduation, and the painting classes inside are also very good, so wake up can be considered.

When He Jinghua returned home, grandma didn’t recommend taking Siyuan to the cram school. He Jinghua also wanted to take Siyuan to an art elementary school. I heard from my grandfather that he had a friend who knew the admissions office and wanted them to contact him to help Siyuan find a reliable art elementary school. Grandpa thought of this friend, but he had no contact with him. I don’t know if it is reliable.

He Jinghua told Su Xing about this matter. There was good news and bad news. The person from the admissions office before might need to wake up and prepare a sum of money, because he used this relationship to send the child to Kunhui. I wake up and feel that He Jinghua’s progress is very fast. He Jinghua also said that this matter is imminent, but I don’t know if it is reliable, but she thinks that she can make money without money, but such a good opportunity cannot be missed in front of her.

Gu Jiawei went to Weiyun to take a look. Siyuan was playing a drum set, and suddenly he didn’t pay attention to throwing the drum on Gu Jiawei’s head. Gu Jiawei fell to the ground on the spot, and later learned from Lin Yunyun that it was impossible for Siyuan to enter Weiyun at all, so he completely walked through the back door. He Jinghua bought a lot of supplements and came to visit him in Gu Jiawei’s villa.

Gu Jiawei covered his forehead, saying that he would not care about children, saying that he was different from others, and that he was very angry. He Jinghua hurriedly praised Lin Yunyun, saying that she had the vision to find such a good husband with such an extraordinary tolerance. Gu Jiawei didn’t know how to answer. After He Jinghua left, he complained and felt that she had brought fewer gifts.

Su Xing heard Shen Xiaoyan coughing, and brought her cold granules. She wakes up and asks her to go back and have a good rest, but Shen Xiaoyan said that Lin Yunyun let Li Feifan study for free, even if she is sick. Unexpectedly, He Jinghua heard this secretly. He Jinghua was very upset, because Siyuan’s results ranked last, Lin Yunyun could not keep Siyuan in Weiyun, she was very emotional all at once. Lin Yunyun asked him to change classes, otherwise she would be embarrassed by complaints. He Jinghua felt that Siyuan’s appearance was what made her collect debts in this life.

He Jinghua pushed Teacher Jia’s WeChat account to wake up, and the school he knew was really good. When Jiang Bo saw such a good school, he knew that the tuition fees must not be cheap, so he wanted to embezzle Zi Ning’s fund and earn it back through live broadcast. Su Xing is very optimistic about Kunhui’s school, but worried that Teacher Jia is a liar. Ding Lan believes that if Teacher Jia is true, even if he finds an opportunity for the child, if it is false, it will be regarded as a loss of money.

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