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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 42 End Recap

Before boarding the plane, Zhang Yangyang gave He Daye the painting he had made by himself, reminding her to wait until she returned home to open it. Shu Ying handed over the list of gold masters in her social circle to He Daye. For He Daye, whether she is married or about to get married, it is equivalent to putting money in front of him, depending on whether she is willing to take a step forward. Go get it.

On the way back, Zhang Meng cried as he drove. He Daye opened Zhang Yangyang’s gift with curiosity, only to find that he and He Daye and Zhang Meng were painted on it, like a close family of three. Perhaps Zhang Yangyang remembered the last conversation, so he expressed his feelings in the most sincere way, which is enough to make He Daye feel full of emotion.

Zhang Meng rented the studio with He Daye on his back, restored everything to its original condition, and gave it to He Daye as a gift. Although he is not yet capable enough to purchase this property, he has already made up his mind to make good money and will let He Daye live a good life sooner or later.

That night, He Daye reunited with her young self in a dream, one big and one small, chatting with each other about the past and the future, although in the past thirty years, He Daye wears a crown to bid farewell to Luo Chang and live with her. The superior but uneasy life of the queen, and later met Zhang Meng. Saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new is not only a farewell to the young, but also a new beginning.

He Daye closed the company, reopened in the studio, named after Daye, and decided to make a name in the wedding industry. Jiajia became the shareholder of Daye’s wedding, and Liu Dan was the vice president of the company. As for the families of the two powerful women, they occasionally came to do some chores and take part-time jobs.

Jiajia believes that her investment vision has always been precise, so she took advantage of the opening ceremony and sent her blessings, and then followed Shi Tao to see her parents. After all, after getting the marriage certificate, the ugly wife always wants to see her mother-in-law. Fortunately, Shi Tao’s mother has changed her mind about Jiajia. At first she was shocked by the news of her son’s sudden marriage. After she gradually adjusted to it, she accepted the strange and strange child. daughter in law.

On Zhang Meng’s 33rd birthday, He Daye personally prepared the cake and accompany him to put the candles in. Zhang Meng recalled that it has been twelve years since he first arrived in Shanghai. Many things have happened during the period, including entering the model circle, getting married and having children, and even suffered successive career shocks. Until he met He Daye, Zhang Meng felt the best company, so he wished to stay with her forever, whether married or not.

Because of this, He Daye proactively confessed to Zhang Meng, claiming that if he asked to get married, he would agree without hesitation. Sure enough, Zhang Meng’s eyes were red and he proposed to He Daye. The two people who loved each other finally came to their pains and found the happiness that belongs to each other. That is to fall in love with each other.

Time flies quickly, three months after three months, and three hundred and sixty-five days passed in a blink of an eye. From this moment on, He Daye is still the queen, but he has already torn off the label of not being married, and is now applying yellow to the mirror in the bridal lounge. Mother He wept with emotion, feeling that her daughter finally got married, and even her grandson was ready to give birth.

Originally, He Daye wanted to have the wedding soon, but the hotel was full, and finally some customers were willing to give up their seats. The time happened to be April Fool’s Day. Now He Daye has a big belly, showing no signs of fatigue. On the contrary, he is so full of energy that he wants to be the emcee on stage by himself.

Liu Dan was pregnant, and the month was not too small, but she and Jiajia agreed to be He Daye’s bridesmaid. Just as a few people were talking and laughing, they didn’t expect Shu Ying to bring Zhang Yangyang to the wedding banquet. Seeing Shu Ying’s bulging belly, He Daye was very happy and immediately sent his blessings.

The guests arrived one after another. He Daye checked the time and immediately walked onto the ceremony stage carrying the wedding dress. As she called out the name of the groom, Zhang Meng led a group of long-legged male models walking in from outside the banquet hall, looking handsome. The real appearance of people became the focus of the audience. He Daye mainly thanked Shu Ying and Luo Chang. The two predecessors brought her and Zhang Meng together today, and thanked their parents for their selfless dedication.

Just as He Daye was putting on the wedding ring, he suddenly felt a sudden pain in his stomach. Zhang Meng responded quickly and directly picked up He Daye and rushed out. The wailing that followed and Liu Dan. It was obvious that she also had abdominal pain. The two good sisters were sent to the delivery room at the same time and gave birth to their daughter.

A few months later, He Daye continued to devote himself to the wedding industry. In addition to taking care of the baby with Zhang Meng, he also interviewed various candidates. The girl in front of her speaks and behaves generously. He Daye sees her own shadow in her body. Perhaps at some time in the future, the girl will find her own happiness and work hard to create a world.

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