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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 7 Recap

Due to the limited number of places and the number of people was full, Xia Huanhuan cried for a long time, even if he couldn’t study in the gold medal class, he still had to go to the competition class. At this time, Tian Yulan called everywhere to trust the relationship, hoping that some parents would voluntarily give up. Originally, Mi Tao’s mother didn’t know anything about the gold medal class. It was entirely because of her daughter’s interest in mathematics, so no matter how hard she was, she still had to earn tuition. However, Tian Yulan wanted to pay Yan Ziyou to the gold medal class, so she wanted to make Mi Tao’s mom a place, but she was tactfully rejected and declined her gift.

Because of Mi Taoma’s firm attitude, Tian Yulan had no other choice but to ask Cai Juying to seek Nan Jianlong’s help again. Cai Juying revealed the situation of Yan Ziyou intentionally or unintentionally. The meaning is self-evident. Nan Jianlong took heart, but did not agree on the spot. Cai Juying complained that he treated his biological daughter and stepdaughter differently.

At the same time, Tian Yulan bought Mi Taoma to no avail, so she changed her face and deducted one day’s salary for various reasons. Mi Tao’s mother couldn’t say that Tian Yulan could only be punished willingly. After returning home, she discussed the gold medal class with Mi Tao’s father. Although Dad Mitao is under great financial pressure, he still promises to make more money by running express delivery. The hard work of the couple is not just to make their daughter more productive.

Zhong Yi and Xia Junshan are from the same township and graduated from the same county. Nan Li waited for a few days to call, but finally couldn’t help asking her husband to ask Zhong Yi about the situation. Originally, Xia Junshan didn’t want to bother others, but his daughter Xia Huanhuan was only interested in choosing the number, so she called Zhong Yi personally and begged him to find Manager Cui for accommodation.

Now that the number of places in the competition class is tight, Zhong Yi is a little bit embarrassed. First, he will try with Manager Cui. As for the result, it is not known. Seeing Zhong Yi’s face, Manager Cui promised to add a place to Xia Huanhuan, provided that he would accept Yan Ziyou.

Zhong Yi rejected Manager Cui’s proposal, and was embarrassed to explain the reason to Xia Junshan, until the other party called again to ask, he could only tell the truth. When Nan Li heard the conversation between her husband and Zhong Yi, she felt a little depressed. At the same time, she complained that Xia Junshan didn’t have a good relationship with her junior, which led to the current situation.

Xia Junshan believes that there is no need to count on choosing a number, and that the target can be placed on other institutions. Nan Li was unwilling to do so, but unexpectedly met Tian Yulan while choosing a few. Unfortunately, the atmosphere was too embarrassing. Every sentence touched each other’s bottom line. Moreover, both of them were choosing a few closes, which is always a shame.

Zhao Na suggested that Nan Li go to Nan Jianguo to find a way. After all, he served as the deputy dean before retiring, and the students under his hand are promising, covering all walks of life. Nan Li obeyed her mother’s arrangement and simply asked Xia Huanhuan to call her grandfather and said that she had to make a choice.

Suddenly, the two daughters found the door to choose the number. Nan Jianlong murmured in his heart, mainly because he had found a relationship before. The other party happened to be his former subordinate. However, there had been frictions with each other, and the relationship was not harmonious. , It really made him unable to open his mouth.

Now his granddaughter came forward to plead, Nan Jianguo bit his head and found District Chief Li. However, District Mayor Li and her husband both worked alongside Nan Jianguo. Back then, they could clearly enter the establishment together. He didn’t expect Nan Jianguo to reserve only one place. He watched District Mayor Li face the test of humanity and a choice.

This matter became District Mayor Li’s heart knot, and finally had the opportunity to ask, but when Nan Jianlong fell silent, he took the initiative to admit his mistake and bowed and left. Although Nan Jianguo should pay for his actions, District Mayor Li agreed to give him a number of places, provided that he wanted to see how he would choose between Xia Huanhuan and Yan Ziyou.

Nan Jianguo stayed outside for a long time until it was getting dark before returning home. In the face of Xia Huanhuan and Yan Ziyou who needed places at the same time, although Nan Jianlong hesitated, he still thought of his granddaughter Xia Huanhuan first, and took it out. The mobile phone texted Nan Li to remind her not to speak out.

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