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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 31 Recap

Zhou Yue was on the afternoon shift and learned that Li Tiancheng had asked for leave again. Wang Xiaocong casually asked Zhou Yue to ask Li Tiancheng. Zhou Yue said that Dabang was still waiting for him, changed the subject, and then left. Old Qiao accidentally revealed to Li Tiancheng that Dr. Jones often came to Linshui Village and the person who followed him was Qiao Xiangwan’s assistant Xu Kanla. Zhou Yue and Dabang went to pick up the courier. They accidentally took Xu Kanla’s parcel and sent it to him. Unexpectedly, Xu Kanla’s attitude towards Dabang was very bad. Li Tiancheng then drove to relieve them. The tension between.

After spending so long on Zal Island, they finally received packages from the outside world, and they all opened them happily. When Qiao called Wanheren, Xu Kanla had some inexplicable words with Li Tiancheng. Xu Kanla was honest on the surface, but it was actually related to the fake Hank. He used Zhou Yue to threaten Li Tiancheng to leave the friendly hospital, and not to let them get involved in what they would do next. At this time, everyone did not know that Li Tiancheng was under tremendous psychological pressure to do what he had to do next.

Qiao Yuqian met An Fanny on the street. Her mother died and Anjia fell down, looking very desolate. Qiao Yuqian wanted to pat her shoulder to comfort her, but she pushed her to the ground and sprained her ankle. Liao Yu appeared at the right time, helped her up, and applied ice water to her wounds. Later, Liao Yu sent her back to her villa. The two accidentally fell on the sofa, their eyes blurred, Liao Yu was very embarrassed, and immediately got up to express his apologies. Liao Yu asked An Fanny why she pushed her so much. Qiao Yuqian explained that she was the illegitimate daughter of Ann Manhao’s brother.

Liao Yu said that Zal Island had undergone obvious changes. Qiao Yuqian took the opportunity to ask him if he would stay. Liao Yu did not answer, but Qiao Yuqian saw the clue from his reaction and couldn’t help but leaned her head on his side with a smile. shoulder. Liao Yushun naturally became Qiao Yuqian’s attending doctor, and Qiao Yuqian hoped that he would come to see him every day. Liao Yu ran back to the hospital. The hospital was busy jumping up and down for the holiday. Zhou Yue asked where Liao Yu had gone. Liao Yu changed the subject and refused to say that he had met with Qiao Yuqian. On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Li Tiancheng packed up his things.

But he received a call from Qiao Xiangwan. Liang Kaili said on the other end that since he has decided to join their team, he should leave the friendly hospital and come to spend the holidays with them. Li Tiancheng thought about it, so he left the hospital without saying a word. That night, everyone gathered in the restaurant. Huo Xiang called Li Tiancheng, but no one answered. Then Li Tiancheng sent a message to Huo Xiang, indicating that he intends to resign, and a new dean will come to replace him soon. I’m sorry that I can’t accompany them for the holiday tonight. Zhou Yue went out to contact Li Tiancheng, and Liao Yu followed.

Li Tiancheng resigned when he didn’t agree with him. Zhou Yue couldn’t find Li Tiancheng. Although the phone was connected, no one answered him. Liao Yu thought they had a quarrel. Zhou Yue said that there was no quarrel between them. However, Li Tiancheng has been very strange recently. He seems to be alienating himself and left without saying hello to everyone.

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Zhou Yue couldn’t help crying as he spoke. Liao Yu had no choice but to use his cell phone to call Li Tiancheng, but he could not get through. Zhou Yue asked Liao Yu to go in first, and waited for Li Tiancheng at the door, and waited for him to come back to ask. At this time, Li Tiancheng was accompanying Liang Kaili, Qiao Xiangwan and Jones to talk about the New Medicine Center.

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