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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 5 Recap

The son is a schoolmaster. As a mother, Tian Yulan naturally has a bright face. She often chats with the parents of the students and makes various comparisons. By the way, she inquires about the gossip about entering the Hanlin Middle School. She accidentally learns that the selection of the gold medal class is selected. The number of places is limited, with a maximum of eight.

Considering that Yan Ziyou and others tied for eighth place, Tian Yulan was uneasy, and immediately brought various medals and certificates to find manager Cui, the person in charge of selection, and then proved how good her child is. Zhong Yi left Fengfan Elementary School, but he happened to be teaching in the gold medal class. The two of them can be said to be enemies on a narrow road. The only valuable veto left is crucial. Because of this, Zhong Yi refused Yan Ziyou’s entry into the gold medal class on the grounds of his own choice.

Just as Tian Yulan and Nan Li were touting the various advantages of educational institutions, she suddenly received a call from Manager Cui. Knowing that she had offended Zhong Yi before, she bit her head and contacted the head teacher Zhang Xueer, hoping that she could help intercede. Zhang Xueer believed that the contradiction between adults had nothing to do with the children, so she mentioned it to Zhong Yi, but Zhong Yi was determined and even seriously analyzed the actual abilities of Yan Ziyou and his competitors.

Zhong Yi didn’t feel that his choice was wrong, so he ended this topic decisively. In turn, he suggested that Zhang Xueer should reconsider his career plan. After all, his salary in the selection was more than three times higher than before. Zhang Xueer refused to discuss with Zhong Yi whether to resign, and found that he had violated his original intention when he was in school, and now it is more like a greed.

If good teachers leave school one after another, it would be enough to destroy the entire group of students, but Zhong Yi straightforwardly pointed out the problems of most parents, and at the same time, he was certain that Xia Huanhuan would enter the extra-school cram school sooner or later. For Zhang Xueer, Xia Junshan and Nan Li belonged to the most sensible parents in the class, so she did not agree with Zhong Yi’s ideas, and the two made a bet on this basis.

Mi Tao was successfully admitted to the gold medal class. Tian Yulan felt uncomfortable. She deliberately disclosed the fees of the gold medal class to Mi Tao’s mother, frightening the other side. After returning home, Mi Tao’s mother took the initiative to talk to the child’s father about the tuition fees, because the couple worked hard in the city, and there was almost nothing left except for the expenses every month. Now Mi Tao is among the best in the class. Mi Tao’s father firmly opposes his daughter’s going to cram school. The conversation between him and his wife makes Mi Tao hear clearly, and her face is lonely.

Looking at Zhang Xueer to no avail, Tian Yulan simply gave up her old face, personally prepared a gift to visit, and took out a red envelope to buy it. As everyone knows that Zhong Yi has a grudge, he has already dug a trap and waited for Tian Yulan to jump in. He reprimanded Tian Yulan for his behavior in front of all the teachers, and even claimed that Yan Ziyou did not have the talent for mathematical thinking, and his ability would always stay at the upper-middle level. Unable to reach the top.

Tian Yulan was swayed by Zhong Yi, but the counterattack failed but was insulted in public by the other party, and she turned and left with anger. For a whole day, Tian Yulan ran back and forth about her son’s affairs, each time ending in disappointment. When I went home and opened the door, I saw her husband playing games in front of the computer like an okay person, especially the smell of burnt in the kitchen, which eventually caused her emotional breakdown and she was sitting alone in the room and weeping silently. But when her son yelled that she was hungry, Tian Yulan quickly cleared her mood, wiped away her tears, and fastened her apron to cook.

Because of Zhong Yi’s public revenge, Cai Juying fights injustice for her grandson. She wanted to ask Nan Jianlong for help, but she couldn’t speak, and simply went to Zhong Yi to let her go. At the same time, Nan Li discovered that Tian Yulan’s Mathematical Olympiad materials contained a large number of internal textbooks, so she decided to choose the number to listen to and understand. Unexpectedly, she heard women crying from a distance, and the teachers and parents were all around, waiting for her approach At first glance, I realized that Cai Juying was holding Zhong Yi’s thigh.

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