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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 46 End Recap

Su Xing came to Min Na angrily. He and Pudding were not father and son of blood relationship at all. Min Na was also very surprised. This was simply impossible. Minna recalled that seven years ago, after saying goodbye to Su Xing, she went to a reception, and after drinking too much, she regarded the other person as Su Xing. Minna nervously explained to Su Xing that she had always thought that Pudding belonged to Su Xing. Minna wants to take Pudding away as soon as possible, but Su Xing insists that Pudding is his son and he will not let Minna take him away.

Both Minna and Su Xing had an appointment with a lawyer. The lawyer suggested that Su Xing and the other party jointly negotiate and raise them. If he goes to the legal process, he may not even see the child for the last time. In desperation, Su Xing chose to compromise. Min Na decided to hand over all of her companies in China to Su Xing. If he didn’t accept it, she would give him all her resources. Su Xing told Su’s mother of this decision.

There was no way. Su’s mother was very excited, and she pulled the little pudding little by little. Little Pudding was also very scared and asked if they didn’t want him anymore. Su Xing gave Minna the photos of Pudding from childhood to adulthood and asked her to take her to the United States. Su Xing regretted not having much time with Pudding, so she hoped that Minna would spend more time with Pudding.

Julie went to visit Qi Yue, but Qi Yue was afraid to see her, so she chose not to see her. Julie cried her eyes red when she heard the news. Little Pudding knew that he was going to the United States tomorrow, and asked Su Xing if he was his own father. Su Xing hugged him and said nothing. Su Xing announced on the Internet that Pudding is actually his biological son.

He was born in the United States seven years ago. Su Xing has always wanted to protect him, but now he finds that this is not protection at all. Minna saw this and went to Su Xing, thinking that Su Xing was dealing with her, but Su Xing began to pity her, she was the same as Pete. Su Xing did this to give Pudding an explanation, and didn’t want Pudding to leave with complaints and misunderstandings.

Little Pudding said goodbye to Su Xing very reluctantly. After Little Pudding and Minna left, Liang Yuxuan said that Little Pudding had just watched Su Xing’s live broadcast and he knew that Su Xing was his father. Su Xing ran out of the house like crazy, but Pudding had already left, thinking that he would never see Pudding again, but Pudding suddenly ran back, still calling his father. Little Pudding called her father into Su Xing’s arms. Minna didn’t want Little Pudding to hate her forever, so she left alone.

Da Guo Yi soon started up, and Su Xing won the best actor, but it was Julie who received the award instead of him. Julie also won the nomination for best supporting actress, although she missed it, but Julie is still very happy. Julie saw Qi Yue’s figure at the scene, and she choked up. She wanted to thank someone, and thank the person who always cared about her and cherished her. Sun Xiaoai has been watching the awards ceremony and couldn’t help crying when he saw this scene.

Xiao Puding suddenly ran to Sun Xiaoai’s side and frightened her. Xiao Puding took Sun Xiaoai to watch the drama. The scenes in which Su Xing, Liang Yuxuan and Sun Yihang were performing on the stage were their original scenes. Su Xing suddenly confessed to the stage, Sun Xiaoai, I like you! At this moment, Su Xing did not play anyone. He hoped that Sun Xiaoai would give him a chance to integrate him into Sun Xiaoai’s life.

What he wanted was realized from the moment he met Sun Xiaoai. Su Xing took out the diamond ring and knelt down on one knee to propose to Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai cried and stretched out his hand. Sun Xiaoai snuggled in Su Xing’s arms. The two hadn’t contacted for more than a year, but they never let go of each other. Su Xing has been hiding Sun Xiaoai’s wedding photos, because Su Xing has been with Sun Xiaoai since then, and he is destined to never be separated in this life.

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