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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 2 Recap

The grandmother learned that Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia had known each other a long time ago, and Shui Wuxia explained that the young master had committed something recently, so she helped her out. Grandma suddenly realized that it’s no wonder that Jiang Baiyu just changed her to be his maid, Jiang Baiyu quickly denied that Shui Wuxia was not suitable for him. Grandma wondered if she had just praised Shui Wuxia, but now she has changed. She said that Shui Wuxia is Langya Pavilion’s leading maid. Jiang Baiyu refuted this as a rumor.

Master Jiang suggested that they must be popular in Chong’an City recently, and grandma also feels good. Shui Wuxia was accurately thrown into the pot once. Grandma praised Shui Wuxia. Jiang Baiyu said that the maid of Langya Pavilion was originally an assistant. Shui Wuxia agreed to Jiang Baiyu’s proposal. Jiang Baiyu was about to deliberately miss it, but Shui Wuxia actually held his waist and grabbed his hand in front of everyone and threw the arrow out. The arrow was accurately thrown into the pot. . The old lady decided to let Shui Wuxia assist Jiang Baiyu. Even though they didn’t want this result in their hearts, they still had to accept it.

Shui Wuxia destroyed everything in Jiang Baiyu’s room, and told him that only the old lady and the old man in the entire house could order her. No matter what she said or did, he didn’t even have the right to say no. From now on he will do it. The monthly salary can only be paid to him with her permission. Jiang Baiyu showed a pleasing smile on his face and apologized to Shui Wuxia that he was cheap and cheap the last time he was in Huadengfang. Shui Wuxia didn’t eat him, and she told her plan.

From tomorrow, she will move to the wing of Jiang Baiyu’s courtyard. She will go to class with Jiang Baiyu during the day. He will be trained exclusively after class. She is not allowed to leave her sight for more than a moment. bell. Jiang Baiyu wanted to leave through the back door. Shui Wuxia told him that the back door was locked. Jiang Baiyu jumped out of the window without believing in evil, but he couldn’t get down on the wall of Shui Wuxia’s rose.

Qi Delong made a one-month plan for the young master, and Qi Delong was approved by the young master. She was very touched and felt that they met a friend, and the two talked very happily. Jiang Baiyu’s performance in class was very poor, whether it was literary or martial arts. Hou Changan was very angry and punished him not to eat. Shui Wuxia had to arrange training for him, let him contact archery, and let him pick soybeans to practice patience. Jiang Baiyu had an idea and turned the beans into soy milk and used it for business. Shui Wuxia threw Jiang Baiyu’s monthly money into the snake cage and asked him to take it by himself. Jiang Baiyu asked her to help take it out. Shui Wuxia refused to agree to turn around and leave.

Jiang Baiyu took out the silver, and the snake threw it into Shui Wuxia’s bed and attached a note. As soon as Shui Wuxia entered the room, she noticed something was wrong. She noticed something moving in the quilt, and she was taken aback when she opened the quilt carefully. Shui Wuxia hung Jiang Baiyu in the room, and asked him to memorize all the contents of the pasted paper in the room. She wanted to check them one by one.

Shui Wuxia met the passing young master in the courtyard, and learned from him why Jiang Baiyu became like this. The young master asked Shui Wuxia for advice on what she meant by following the feelings she said today. Shui Wuxia let him sit down and taught him how to stretch after practicing.

Shui Wuxia returned to the room and found that the person hanging there had been replaced. She asked him where Jiang Baiyu was going, and when she learned that she had gone to the ghost market, she rushed over. Jiang Baiyu hid but was discovered by Shui Wuxia. Jiang Baiyu pulled her over and hugged her to keep her from speaking out in danger, and a group of people in black walked past. Shui Wuxia’s hair got stuck on Jiang Baiyu’s clothes, and because Jiang Baiyu was clumsy, she had to untie it herself.

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