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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 3 Recap

Nan Li submitted the home museum plan to Tian Yulan to express the implementation concept of the Wei Nuan industry, and specifically went to the Yibai shopping mall where she was located to promote and mobilize, so that both parties could achieve a win-win effect. However, Tian Yulan held objections, because they had different arguments and temporarily ended the topic. By the way, Nan Li proposed to jointly sue Zhong Yi.

Regarding this “justice” matter, Nan Li was more calm and did not readily agree on the spot, but instead clearly pointed out the stakes. However, Tian Yulan made up his mind and directly named Zhong Yi in the class group and asked him to treat him consistently inside and outside of class, otherwise he would report the matter to the school.

Yan Peng doesn’t have much ambition, but just wants to keep his work and family safe, so he doesn’t support Tian Yulan’s behavior. Xia Junshan saw the news in the group, worried that this extreme approach would bring trouble to Zhong Yi, so he called to remind Zhong Yi to be prepared.

Zhong Yi and Zhang Xueer, the head teacher, are in a romantic relationship. The two were dating in the restaurant. When he received a call from Xia Junshan, his first reaction was to argue with reason and insist that he had done nothing wrong. Tian Yulan did not receive Zhong Yi’s reply. Instead, he saw that the group of parents who were outraged at the time were all targeting themselves in the class, and even praised Zhong Yi for his due diligence and responsibility in disguised form. Even Nan Li also acted like a group and bullying. look down.

Because Zhong Yi was indifferent and refused to communicate, Tian Yulan directly complained to the Education Bureau and decided to act first. In the face of the principal’s inquiry, Zhong Yi admitted frankly that he had set up remedial classes, but he did not admit that he had reservations in the classroom. Everything he did was to expose students to more advanced teaching methods and surpass private schools as soon as possible.

Zhang Xueer believed that Zhong Yi violated the principle of fairness in education and asked him to apologize to Tian Yulan. Zhong Yi resolutely refused, even angering Zhang Xueer. In the end, after repeated research, the school decided to expel Zhong Yi as an explanation. On the day Zhong Yi left school, it was the heavy rain. The parents went to pick up the children one after another. Seeing him soaked all over, Tian Yulan couldn’t bear it. He didn’t expect to be criticized by Zhong Yi.

Hearing Zhong Yi’s vicious curse, Tian Yulan couldn’t help but counterattack, and the two of them completely tore their faces. At this time, Zhang Xueer drove to pick up Zhong Yi. Seeing the close relationship between the two, Tian Yulan was muttering in her heart. He went home and told her husband Yan Peng about it. Yan Ziyou happened to hear him, so she said Zhang Xueer and Zhong. Yi’s relationship claims that the two of them often get together and even give each other gifts.

Since the last incident of reporting the teacher, Tian Yulan worried that the child would be worn by the teacher in charge, and at the same time believed that Nan Li knew nothing about her and felt resentful towards her. At the communication meeting between Wei Nuan Group and the shopping mall, Tian Yulan took the lead in questioning Nan Li’s plan. It was originally intended to be aimed at. However, other people have agreed with Nan Li’s views and even asked to participate in the plan.

Nan Li decided to implement the Home Gallery plan in the 22nd Century Commercial Building to provide support for public promotion. Tian Yulan was very angry about this and believed that Nan Li deliberately concealed the content, which made Yibai Shopping Mall lose a great opportunity. Nan Li pointed out Tian Yulan’s problem again, and the two broke up again.

At this time, Yan Ziyou was obsessed with insect cultivation. It happened that Tian Yulan came back from the outside and saw that her son hadn’t concentrated on studying, and she was even more angry. It wasn’t until Yan Ziyou mentioned about the sorting, and took out the eighth-ranked transcript, and saw that her son was expected to enter the gold medal class, Tian Yulan immediately faded and praised with joy. The next morning, Tian Yulan went to school to help her son get the schoolwork. She accidentally saw the materials Zhang Xueer had put on the desk, and found that Xia Huanhuan’s grades were actually the lowest in the class.

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