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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 45 Recap

Julie went to Qi Yue’s house and made a table of dishes for Qi Yue herself. Qi Yue said that she had figured it out clearly. He is the shadow of Su Xing to everyone. As long as Su Xing comes back, no one will remember him. So Qi Yue decided to destroy Su Xing in one fell swoop. Julie is stupid, what on earth Qi Yue is talking about. Qi Yue complained, saying that Su Xing was not a good person, he had nothing now, and would never let him go. Julie was very scared, Qi Yue pressed her on the chair and asked her to do herself a favor. Qi Yue booked a hotel and asked Julie to ask Su Xing to come out tomorrow to find a chance to give him medicine.

After Su Xing fell asleep, Qi Yue would invite all the reporters to make Julie cry about Su Xing’s intentions towards her. Julie was surprised, is Qi Yue crazy? Qi Yue yelled and said that Su Xing would definitely come back for revenge. Qi Yue even knelt down and begged Julie to help her. Julie began to cry in fear, and finally agreed to Qi Yue. In front of Qi Yue, Julie asked Su Xing to come out to see him tomorrow afternoon, saying that there was something very important to tell him.

The next day, Su Xing went to the hotel. Qi Yue ran to Pete asking him to help him win the male number one. He was very anxious. Pete thought there was something wrong with his mental condition. Qi Yue was even more excited and grabbed him and said that Su Xing would be finished today! Su Xing said that he would help Julie terminate the contract and fight for a role that suits her, and the two even got hooked. At this time, He Yicheng broke into the door and saw that the two were just sitting there and ran away. He didn’t expect the police to come and arrest He Yicheng. Qi Yue was also arrested at the same time.

Su Xing felt very sorry for Julie. When he graduated, he said that he would take good care of Julie, but he didn’t do it. Julie was emotionally broken. Thinking of the bitter bitterness she had had with Qi Yue before, she had discovered Qi Yue’s affairs very early, but she had been deceiving herself all the time. The arrest of Qi Yue by the police also contributed to the reversal of Su Xing’s drunk driving case. Su’s mother was relieved when she saw the news.

Sun Xiaoai was stunned when he saw the news, and Pete asked the lawyer to see Qi Yue, along with a sentence. Qi Yue saw that the lawyer thought he saw a savior, but he didn’t expect that Pete would let the lawyer take the talk. He trained an artist, not a monster. Qi Yue started venting like crazy, provoking his desire and kicking him away. Isn’t this what Pete taught! The lawyer believes that Qi Yue’s mental state is not very good, and believes that if a psychiatric appraisal is required, Qi Yue’s sentence will be shortened.

Mr. Xue decided to let Peipei be the director of artist management, provided that Louis Wei had to sign in to the company. Peter came to Mr. Xue, and Mr. Xue said that the company would never have a place for Peter again. Su Xing went to see Qi Yue. To tell the truth, he saw his former shadow in Qi Yue. He was ambitious, aggressive, proud and conceited. He wanted to write off his previous grievances.

Qi Yue accused him of standing on the commanding heights of morality and teaching him to be a man, but Su Xing encouraged him to stand up with him. Qi Yue was even more hoarse, still thinking about the male number one of the big country doctor, thinking about the fans, and thinking about Mr. Yu. Su Xing didn’t know what to say for a while, Qi Yue was taken back because he was too emotional.

Minna suddenly came to see Pepe. She said that Louis Wei had successfully signed a contract with an American brokerage company under her own recommendation. Pan Jianing also caught up with others. How Pete and Peppa treated her at the time, Minna wanted to return it all. Minna wants to fight for the little pudding through legal means, she must first take the little pudding to do DNA. Min Na took Little Pudding out to play, Su’s mother was very angry, Liang Yuxuan also worried that Min Na would snatch Little Pudding away, Su Xing was confident that no one could take Little Pudding away from him.

Sun Xiaoai’s mood has been depressed after returning home, and her grandmother is very distressed. She always keeps herself busy but still can’t forget Su Xing. Maybe this is the best way for Su Xing now. Little Pudding and Su Xing are playing, Minna is here, and Little Pudding promised to go out with her tomorrow.

The next day, Su’s mother told Little Pudding in every possible way, and was very afraid that Minna would not send the Little Pudding back. Sun Xiaoai’s love fan stack reopened. It was dark, and Little Pudding finally came back, so Mother Su was relieved, and she didn’t forget to curse Minna. Min Na said that she was very happy today.

Although love could not be forced, she hoped to announce the life experience of Little Pudding. After thinking about it, Su Xing agreed. Minna’s future work will still focus on the United States. She had hurt Su Xing before, but as long as Su Xing nodded, she would make up for everything to Su Xing. But Su Xing no longer loves Minna. Although Sun Xiaoai has left herself, she is different from everyone else.

In the evening, Pudding told Su Xing that they had gone to the hospital today. Su Xing guessed that Minna wanted to go back to the child so she took Pudding for a paternity test. Liang Yuxuan said that they could also go through legal procedures for a paternity test. Qingping meets Pete outside Su Xing’s house, and Pete asks Qingping to bring him a bottle of wine. Su Xing thanked Qingping and Yan Xi. Pete resigned from the company and no one could contact him. Su Xing was very moved. After all, Pete had helped him a lot with Mr. Xue and Qi Yue on his back.

Qingping took out the bottle of red wine and a letter. The letter said that he had always believed that Su Xing could open this bottle of wine, and hoped that Su Xing would be open in the future and return to the original state. Su Xing was a little choked after reading it, and asked Qingping and Yan Xi if they were willing to come to his new company. Qingping and Yan Xi were very excited. Su Xing received a paternity test with Xiao Puding. He and Xiao Puding are not related.

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