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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 45 End Recap

The relationship between Fang Xiaoyu and Fang Weiguo was reconciled, and he would naturally no longer hate Zhuang Yuerong. Fang Qian’s illness was also completely recovered, and everything seemed to be getting better. However, Fang Xiaoyu still couldn’t let go of Murphy deep in his heart. He could only choose to call Xia Xueling for a cup of boring wine, but he didn’t want to reveal his thoughts.

How similar is Xia Xueling and Fang Xiaoyu in terms of feelings. Originally, it would be difficult to see herself clearly in the game. Now that she is out of the game, Xia Xueling realizes that what she loves is just the feeling of love, and persistence is just unwilling decoration. Fang Xiaoyu thought about the past between him and Mo Fei, thinking about Xia Xueling’s solution, maybe time will tell him everything.

Murphy was closing the store door and leaving. Shen Jiaxi and Bai Xiaoman appeared from both sides of Murphy’s shop at the same time. The two used to regard Murphy as their enemies, and now they also came to her shop for a day. Shen Jiaxi also began to regret it gradually. Perhaps they did not have such a small heart, but had been focusing on design. Perhaps she was the one who created the brand with Murphy today.

The story of Shen Jiaxi has spread in the industry, and she decided to leave Shanghai. Bai Xiaoman also put aside everything in the past. She has changed industries and decided to start again. These two equally similar people reconciled with the world at the same time, went away from each other, and chose to live their lives.

Murphy held the first personal design exhibition in her life. Standing on the T stage, she thanked her family and everyone who supported her, and most importantly, Tang Mingxuan who was with him. With a word of thanks, Tang Mingxuan rushed to the runway and kissed his lover, which made Morphy both embarrassed and embarrassed.

Tang Mingxuan and Murphy are about to hold a wedding, and before that, they must officially meet with Lu Dan. Although Tang Mingxuan and Mo Fei have obtained their marriage certificates, whether they are willing to ask Lu Dan to agree is a respect for a mother.

Lu Dan was called to get up early by Tang Qiren. It was obviously Tang Qiren who invited Lu Dan to dinner in his own name, but in Tang Qiren’s mouth, it became Lu Dan’s heart. In fact, Lu Dan didn’t understand that this meal was set by Tang Qiren to let her meet Murphy. Since she was willing to come, she must have accepted Murphy in her heart.

Lu Dan didn’t say anything to embarrass her when Murphy came to the hotel box. When Murphy was polite to “please”, Lu Dan’s unhappiness disappeared. The family who ate this meal were very happy and harmonious. During the period, they discussed the wedding matters. Murphy felt that things were cumbersome before the wedding started, but the cumbersomeness was painful and happy.

Moffy deliberately brought Tang Mingxuan to his shop. Two sets of dresses were hanging inside. This is a set of women’s clothing that Moffy made according to his preferences after learning that Tang Mingxuan liked the dress. The dresses are made of Suzhou embroidery, which means that they became acquainted with Suzhou embroidery, and there may be quarrels between them, but it is more of happiness and trust.

For a long time, Tang Mingxuan felt that he was lonely, and this loneliness was mixed with the pressure of the president, and he never had a good night’s sleep. After meeting Murphy, Tang Mingxuan felt that he had met a close person. Murphy was like his sleeping pill, allowing Tang Mingxuan to sleep peacefully every day.

With petals in the sky, Tang Mingxuan and Murphy walked slowly amid the blessings of friends and family. Tang Mingxuan told everyone about the happy afternoon the two children had spent in this church. Only then did Morphy know that the person she met when she was a child was Tang Mingxuan. This was a godsend. After twenty years, Tang Mingxuan and Murphy went from a dream to reality, to each other’s side, and to a happy future.

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