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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 28 Recap

Because of Aunt Lan’s affairs, Zhou Yue shut herself in the room depressed. Li Tiancheng wanted to comfort her, but Zhou Yue wanted to be alone. Joe Xiangwan talked with Ann Marriott, and asked him if he was involved in the things Roy planned. Ann Marriott denied. But for Roy and Qiao Xiangwan, An Wanhao couldn’t help feeling that Qiao Xiangwan was more scheming. He knew that Roy was doing dirty things behind his back, but let him do it, which led to the current situation, and Qiao Xiangwan himself was Reap the benefits of the fisherman.

The ambitious Joe Xianggood impressed Ann Marriott, but Ann Marriott also reminded him to stop in moderation. Seeing An Wanhao begging for himself in a low profile, Qiao Xiangwan promised not to intervene in this matter, but he offered to let An Wanhao give up the shares in the New Medicine Center.

Zhou Yue downloaded the scan file of the high-definition physical examination report sent to him by Mr. Li on his computer, but he never had the courage to open it. Liao Yu came over and accidentally saw that she seemed to have done a comprehensive examination of the fertility system, but she had not looked at it yet. Liao Yu knew that she was worried about Li Tiancheng. Although Li Tian was a good adult, if he wanted to start a family with him, Zhou Yuehui might not be troubled.

Liao Yu reminded Zhou Yue to think about the relationship between her and Li Tiancheng. After all, they only stayed on Zal Island for two years. He didn’t want Zhou Yue to repeat the same mistakes as the previous relationship and be covered with scars. Zhou Yue asked him if he thought about a relationship clearly, would it still be considered love. Liao Yu was silent, not knowing how to answer her question.

She finally decided not to look at the results of the inspection, and planned to let the flow go and tell Li Tiancheng when the time was right. Qiao Dawei murmured that she was not feeling well, and asked the nurse to call a doctor to see him, but refused Qiao Yuqian to see him. Wang Xiaocong personally measured his blood pressure, Qiao Yuqian patiently persuaded him to let himself treat him, Qiao Dawei not only did not appreciate it, but also cursed the innocent Qiao Yuqian.

He quietly told Wang Xiaocong that the reproductive organs were very painful and he could not urinate. Later, Team Huo showed him the disease and diagnosed it as obstruction of the urinary tract caused by enlarged prostate, which caused urinary retention. Huo Xiang speaks for Qiao Yuqian, and Qiao Dawei stubbornly believes that Qiao Yuqian does not understand the world and it is difficult to be a good doctor.

Qiao Yuqian’s situation in the hospital became embarrassing. Many nurses who could not understand her thought she was pretentious and made irresponsible remarks. Shuhui caught Nan Meifang on the spot and gave her a meal to deduct her internship. Points and internship allowances are penalties. As soon as Nan Meifang’s temper came up, she threw off her hat and said nothing.

A patient had a headache. Seeing that it was Qiao Yuqian treating her and changing the doctor if she said anything, Wang Xiaocong kindly comforted her, but Qiao Yuqian was very uncomfortable, misunderstood his kindness, and immediately took off her white coat and quit. Wang Xiaocong went to Li Tiancheng and learned that Qiao Yuqian was going to resign. Li Tiancheng called her. Qiao Yuqian was hesitating whether to pick up Li Tiancheng’s call. Qiao Xiangwan arbitrarily ended the call.

Qiao Xiangwan went to Li Tiancheng to take charge of Qiao Yuqian and ask her to quit her job in the friendly hospital. Liao Yu came to ask a few words, but it was just a few questions. Qiao Xiangwan wanted Li Tiancheng to leave the Youhao Hospital and reopen a hospital with him to meet the needs of the Liang Kaili New Drug Center for human new drug experiments. Knowing that Qiao Yuqian had resigned, Qiao Dawei was surprised and felt a little guilty, but still said that Qiao Yuqian was not suitable for being a doctor.

A ship overturned in the sea, and the two uncles and nephews were stabbed in the abdomen by the same steel bar, and they were seriously injured. However, the blood supply of type A in the Friendly Hospital was insufficient, and the younger children even tried their best to threaten the doctor with a knife to save his uncle.

Uncle persuaded him, took the knife off carefully, and then asked the hospital to save his nephew. Shuhui reminded Li Tiancheng and Liao Yu that their uncles and nephews are pirates, and Zal Island has never treated pirates. Moreover, they were seriously injured and hospital supplies were scarce. She did not recommend rescues for these two people. Liao Yu and Li Tiancheng were doctors, and it was impossible to let them die, and rejected Shuhui. Shuhui asked Xinlu to ask for a leave of absence. She left the Friendly Hospital and didn’t know where to go.

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