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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 5 Recap

Liang Chen saw that there was danger but would rather die than escape to guard Lu Jing. Lu Jing successfully killed the attacking robot and asked Liang Chen why he didn’t escape. Liang Chen bluntly stated that he would live together and die together. This sentence Although it was a game, it touched Lu Jing’s heart inexplicably, and he couldn’t help showing a smile.

Lu Jingxiang, who was agile, took advantage of Tengfei to leave, but did not expect that there was a gas wall above it. Lu Jing, who was unwilling to climb the dog hole with Liang Chen, insisted on jumping up, but was thrown down one after another. After Goudong arrived at the other side of victory, Liang Chen, who thought he had found a shortcut, was very happy, but Lu Jing told Liang Chen that this was a loophole in the game, and in fact it should have bounced out.

After quitting the game, Liang Chen couldn’t sleep, thinking about the scene where he was guarded by Lu Jing in the game just now, showing a new smile, and even inspired to create a song on the spot.

Taro actually kissed the role played by Ma Shanshan when he was making a movie. The director was very satisfied, but Ma Shanshan showed dissatisfaction. The director privately asked Taro if he still wanted to play and staged it. A “passion drama” Taro hurriedly agreed, but never thought that this passion drama was actually Ma Shanshan kicked the taro. The taro was called a miserable one.

Liang Chen tried the music she wrote. She wrote it overnight and added the element of electronic music. During the rehearsal, everyone was very satisfied and found this style very interesting. Jiayun also praised Liang Chen. Yes, I also invited Liang Chen to participate in a private dance party. Liang Chen asked if there was a salted fish band. After hearing this, Jiayun immediately said yes. Liang Chen happily went with him. After leaving Liang Chen, Jiayun quickly arranged to contact the salted fish. The band’s manager, he couldn’t let Liang Chen down.

At this private ball, he entered wearing a mask. Liang Chen and Jia Yun both chose one, but he didn’t expect Jia Yun to answer the phone and go out. Liang Chen went to the bar to ask for a drink. At the same time, it was wearing Lu Jing, who wears the same mask as Jiayun, also came to the bar. Liang Chen mistakenly thought it was Jiayun and drank the wine from Lu Scenic Spot. Lu Jing seemed to judge from the sound that it was Liang Chen, and the two followed suit.

With the melody of the salted fish band and the effect of alcohol, they danced in public, and they became more and more tacit and more brilliant, which attracted everyone’s onlookers and applause. Jia Yun, who answered the phone, found that Liang Chen was dancing with other men again, and interrupted the two of them and dragged Liang Chen away.

Jiayun drove Liang Chen back, and watched Liang Chen asleep, Jia Yun was moved, and quietly turned on the warm air for Liang Chen, for fear that Liang Chen fell asleep and caught a cold. After going back, Liang Chen was a little bit drunk and sent himself a selfie to Moments. Until the next morning, Lu Jing turned on his phone and found that Moments was a bit surprised, but before he had time to take a closer look at Liang Chen, he found that he had posted a mistake. The group quickly deleted the circle of friends.

Liang Chen and Ke Ke’s manager Qing sister went for an activity. When they saw the beautifully packaged wine box in the hotel, they couldn’t help but take pictures and sent them to Lu Jing. Lu Jing asked where Liang Chen was by voice. Liang Chen heard Lu Jing’s voice and his heartbeat was a little red. When Ke Ke saw it, he thought he was sick. Liang Chen quickly explained that the elevator was too hot.

When Lu Jing learned that Liang Chen was going to work in Shanghai, he was surprised that Liang Chen had a job, and told Liang Chen to work hard.

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