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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 21 Recap

Shen Xiaoyan came to Gu Jiawei’s office, cleaned the room carefully, and accidentally stepped on a piece of paper on the ground. She thought it was waste paper and threw it away. Just when Gu Jiawei came back to the office, he was not in a good mood, so he looked around for the contract on the table. Shen Xiaoyan didn’t understand, she picked up the waste paper, but it was already crumpled into a ball, Gu Jiawei became even more angry, accusing her not to mess with herself, so that she would not be allowed to touch anything in this office in the future.

Shen Xiaoyan returned home and counted the money she earned. Seeing Li Xiang back, she hurriedly put the money in the cold medicine box, for fear of being snatched away by him. Li Xiang suddenly took out several hundred yuan, which surprised Shen Xiaoyan and Li Feifei. Li Xiang said that he is also the father of the child, so it should be used if the child is healthy, but Shen Xiaoyan thinks that the child should study more.

In the kindergarten, Li Feifei quietly took out his own island captain and gave Xi Wang as a birthday gift, indicating that he would attend his birthday party when that time comes, and Si Yuan also responded positively. Xinyue was not happy, saying that Li Feifei would celebrate his birthday with him, and he had everything in his family. Xi Wang didn’t understand, so that Xinyue could spend her birthday with her, and the whole class also made a fuss.

He Jinghua was very embarrassed. He didn’t know whose birthday party he should attend and wanted to pretend to be sick and go to the hospital. Jiang Bo saw her thoughts and told her not to make jokes about her fate. He thought of a way to bring Siyuan to the New Moon birthday party, and He Jinghua to attend Xiwang’s birthday party alone. He Jinghua thinks this is a good way to let Jiang Bo praise Lin Yunyun’s craftsmanship more. Jiang Bo intends to give Crescent Moon a gift box and Xi Wang a car used by Siyuan.

Lin Yunyun personally made a lot of cakes for the birthday party of the new moon, and arranged the home very grandly. Seeing her energetic, Gu Jiawei wanted her to worry about the company’s annual meeting by the way, so that she could save money. Lin Yunyun was unwilling, saying that she could do something for New Moon, but others could not, making Gu Jiawei feel sorry for his beautiful and capable wife.

Su Xing and Ding Lan arranged the scene very well, and there are many clowns. Su Xing called Xi Bin and asked him to come over quickly, but he was not very happy, and worried that there would be no children to come by then, which would make Xi Wang disappointed. Ding Lan comforted her and said that as a woman, she was also a person. At this time, a few children saw that Xiwang’s birthday would be fun, and Wake up invited them to come in to accompany Xiwang.

Many parents and children here from Lin Yunyun came to the birthday party of the new moon, and Jiang Bo praised her very much. The new moon wears the same clothes as the princess. Shen Xiaoyan takes Li Feifei to eat delicious food at the new moon birthday party. Li Feihua feels a little bit supportive, and Shen Xiaoyan also asks him to eat more. At this time, Gu Jiawei saw Li Feifan and remembered that he was the child prodigy on Open Day.

Xi Wang is celebrating his birthday happily, watching the clown perform magic tricks. Xi Bin, Uncle Zou and others, dressed as captains of the island, appeared at Xi Wang’s birthday party, giving him a big surprise. Xi Bin also made a special video to record Xi Wang’s appearance in the past six years, wanting to grow up with him in the future, so that everyone at the scene was moved to tears.

Su Xing specially sent cakes to Li Feifei. This was a sneer’s wish. He didn’t expect Li Feifei to eat too much diarrhea during the day. Shen Xiaoyan invited Su Wake in to eat two dishes and drink a little wine. Because Jiang Bo was at Xinyue’s house during the day, on the one hand, he had to socialize with the mothers, on the other hand, he had to listen to Gu Jiawei’s talk and greet Siyuan, and his voice became hoarse.

Lin Yunyun has been busy for a day. Seeing He Jinghua’s photos of the birthday party in WeChat, she immediately sent it to ask He Jinghua. He Jinghua has always praised Lin Yunyun for his ability, saying that he just gave Xiwang a birthday present during the day, and didn’t want to offend her.

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