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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 1 Recap

There was a fierce battle among the paratroopers who had fallen in the air. Don’t think it’s a battle movie. It’s actually just an e-sports game. The game master and anchor Lu Jing is in a raging battle with his teammates. Of course, he won without suspense, beheading countless enemy troops.

At the same time, a popular singer Liang Chen is competing with Meng Lanzhi for the Golden Cicada Award. It’s strength. Liang Chen was selected as the best female singer of the Golden Cicada Award as soon as his voice fell. However, Meng Lanzhi satirized him and only deserved a consolation prize.

Just when Liang Chen came to the stage to accept the award and gave his acceptance speech, everyone received a breaking news that Liang Chen’s boyfriend Yue Yuxun cheated. Everyone was whispering and talking. Liang Chen standing on the stage was too late to want to finish. The words came to an end in a hurry, and the next one was the Singer of the Year Award.

Both the assistant Ke Ke and his agent thought that this incident must have directly affected Liang Chen’s mood. I am afraid that it is hopeless to compete for the Singer of the Year Award, but I did not expect to be selected again. At that time Liang Chen still won the award. This made Meng Lanzhi in the audience extremely disappointed and angry.

Liang Chen, who won two Golden Cicada Awards, was also considered a Grand Slam, the first time in history. Liang Chen came to the stage again to express his testimony, thanking the fans for giving her what she wanted, and also thanking someone for taking away what she didn’t want. When talking about someone, Liang Chen glanced at Meng Lanzhi in the audience, although the photo The front of Meng Lanzhi was not photographed, but Liang Chenzhi was her. This was a deliberate strategy she used to break the news at this time, but she did not expect that it would not affect the results of this competition.

After Lu Jing finished the live broadcast of e-sports, he released the familiar melody, and every time he ended the live broadcast, he would send this song to his opponent regardless of the result, and the best friend Liu Er knew that this song was Liang Chen’s, too. I know that Lu Jing’s idol is Liang Chen. In fact, Lu Jing had seen her when Liang Chen was not on fire. Liang Chen was sitting on the rooftop and weeping. He listened to a song to Liang Chen, and Liang Chen lightly followed. Singing softly, it turned out to be so nice.

Jiayun was on the shooting scene, and learned that Liang Chen’s boyfriend had derailed. For fear that Liang Chen could not bear it, the phone was still turned off when he called Liang Chen. Jiayun wanted to take a plane back to comfort him, but he didn’t have a ticket. Jiayun I immediately decided to drive back overnight. I came to Liang Chen’s door early the next morning. I rang the doorbell for a long time and didn’t open it. I had to call again. Maybe it was a timed switch on. At this time, Liang Chen’s phone was able to get through. Jia Yun was worried at first, but he was relieved listening to Liang Chen not waking up. He stood outside the door without telling Liang Chen and left quietly.

In fact, Liang Chen has adjusted his mentality, and the company has decided to deal with this matter coldly. In Liang Chen’s opinion, Yue Yuxun is actually a scumbag. He announced the matter the next day with her, just because he wanted to get rid of it. Her enthusiasm was nothing but cheating. Liang Chen vowed that if she fell in love within a year, she would be a dog.

The agent received a game endorsement. Ke Ke likes the game very much, especially the Herman e-sports live broadcast. He really loves the broadcaster of the live broadcast, but he doesn’t know who the broadcaster is. Liang Chen jokes Ke Ke is unreliable and actually likes people who are invisible on the Internet, but Ke Ke knows that this person is very popular, and many girls are crazy about it. In order to be able to pick up endorsements, Liang Chen could not play games, and Only my friend Sun Binyu was found and Taro helped her to play games with her.

Taro was originally a master of the game. He thought he would pass the level easily with Liang Chen as a rookie, but he didn’t expect Liang Chen to step on the minefield. Seeing that he was about to pass the level, he was stunned by Liang Chen. The painful and depressed Taro took Jiayun out and ran out to set off fireworks for a night, otherwise he would be driven mad.

The next day Taro began to hide away from Liang Chen. He didn’t answer the phone and didn’t answer WeChat. Liang Chen had to disguise to find Taro. Taro was packing up and planning to go filming, and thought that he could play games without Liang Chen. But Liang Chen is a good buddy and can’t live up to it. He had to recommend a higher master to take her. Liang Chen told her not to tell her true identity. The screen name is Orange, and Taro quickly promised to send her. Leaving Liang Chen.

Liang Chen sorted his mask and opened the elevator. He lowered his baseball cap and wrapped himself in huge clothes. Unexpectedly, the moment the elevator door opened, Lu Jing was standing there.

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