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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 41 Recap

Lu Dan deliberately found Mo Fei’s home and met Mo Yuxin in the corridor. The two had worked together, and now meeting is like an old friend who hasn’t seen each other for many years, lovingly recounting the past. Mo Yuxin invited Lu Dan to be a guest at home, and Lu Dan couldn’t help but complain about how her son met a fox like Mo Yuxin.

The family portrait of the Mo family made Lu Dan’s smile solidify on his face, and the two people who were still in a good relationship a second ago instantly became enemies that were uncomfortable with each other. It wasn’t until Murphy returned home and took the initiative to meet with Lu Dan alone, that the storm was temporarily calmed.

In the evening, Xia Zhendong deliberately asked Xia Xueling again. After all, forcing a man who didn’t love him was a foreseeable tragedy. Xia Zhendong was unwilling to let Xia Xueling’s persistence be burned, and he was not sure if he unilaterally insisted on whether it would be equivalent to pushing his daughter into the fire pit. There is only one thing, Xia Zhendong is very determined. If Tang Mingxuan and Xia Xueling are not married, he will never help the Tang family.

After Murphy was free, he asked Lu Dan to meet again. Facing Lu Dan, she asked her to promise not to pester Tang Mingxuan again, and she was willing to introduce her to various wealthy sons. This was an insult to Murphy. Murphy has a clear future plan and her own dignity. She is a free individual and will not be forced to be with anyone by anyone, nor will she break up with Tang Mingxuan because of someone’s persecution.

Murphy’s attitude was firm and well-founded, which made Lu Dan suffer and couldn’t pick out Murphy’s fault. When Lu Dan returned home, he took the initiative to confess the fact that he had met Murphy, and accused him of being good at speaking, which made Tang Mingxuan like him even more. It’s just that it doesn’t make sense for Lu Dan to insist on insisting. Xia Xueling took the initiative to propose to her that she no longer has any idea of ​​marriage.

When Lu Dan and Mo Fei met today, Tang Mingxuan and Xia Xueling also had an appointment. Xia Xueling knew Tang Mingxuan very well, so she gave up completely, and she was also willing to take the initiative to express her position to Lu Dan. However, Xia Xueling’s feelings could not be easily recovered. She chose to refuse to contact Yan Xu again, because at this moment, her pain of being unable to be with Tang Mingxuan concealed everything.

Tang Mingxuan also took the initiative to come to Mo’s house, to show Mo Yuxin that he was determined to be with Mo Fei, and sincerely apologized, and promised to do well in Lu Dan’s ideological work. Mo Yuxin will not deny Tang Mingxuan’s excellence and his sincerity to Mo Fei because of Lu Dan’s irrationality. Mo Yuxin only hopes that Tang Mingxuan can get Lu Dan’s support.

As long as Mo Fei feels happy, Mo Yuxin will feel happy. Although she knows that her daughter’s relationship path is not easy, what is simple in the world? With the support of her mother, Murphy has also become more motivated to persevere.

As early as Fang Weiguo’s acquisition of Mingyuan’s stock, Tang Mingxuan had a solution. Even though Fang Weiguo had acquired 10% of the stock, the growing stocks broke his acquisition. Taking advantage of her rare free time, Tang Mingxuan was also the last day that Murphy stayed in China, and accompanied her to enjoy the two-person world.

During the period, Tang Mingxuan took Mo Fei to meet Lu Dan formally, and Mo Fei personally designed clothes for Lu Dan. Although Lu Dan’s attitude was still disagreeing and impatient, Lu Dan’s attitude against Murphy was also loosened when Xia Xueling gave up on his own initiative.

Separation is imminent. Even if he knows that China and France are not far away, Tang Mingxuan has already missed Murphy. Tonight, Murphy’s heart in Tang Mingxuan, she did not choose to go home, but on the basis of firmly believing in their mutual affection, she gave herself wholeheartedly to Tang Mingxuan.

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