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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 40 Recap

Since Bai Xiaoman took over Haiyao, his performance has not increased but has fallen, and he has reached the point of serious losses. The head of the purchasing department is a veteran employee who follows Zhu Haitian, and it is absolutely impossible to fill his own pockets at work, but the problem of the quality of Haiyao’s new clothes is getting worse.

Zhu Haitian finally couldn’t help appearing in the company and furious. Who knew that Bai Xiaoman not only couldn’t solve the performance problem, but also received a letter from Mingyuan’s lawyer. Tang Mingxuan has conclusive evidence that Haiyao stole the design of Mingyuan. Faced with Zhu Haitian’s accusation, Bai Xiaoman shifted all the responsibility to Shen Jiaxi, accusing the other party of theft, and he just bought the design without knowing it. That’s it.

Shen Jiaxi sees the true face of Bai Xiaoman, but even if she regrets it, there is no way to go back. After all, she is the one who stole the design with her own hands. Naturally, Zhu Haitian would not trust Bai Xiaoman. Although he did not choose to separate from her immediately, he had a tougher attitude towards her.

In order to solve the current dilemma, Zhu Haitian had to come to Mingyuan to discuss solutions in person. Once Haiyao is accused, his father’s self-made industry will be burned. Zhu Haitian voluntarily proposes that Mingyuan acquire Haiyao and merge it into a company. Naturally, there will be no plagiarism.

Since Mingyuan’s new products went on the market, the stock market has gradually recovered. This incident is not obvious and has not received timely attention. All this was due to Fang Weiguo’s secretly absorbing Mingyuan’s shares. When Tang Mingxuan found out, Fang Weiguo already held 5% of the shares. Mingyuan shares are loose, Fang Weiguo is confident that unless Tang and Xia join forces, the Tang family will face a crisis.

This incident is a good thing for the Xia family. After all, no matter who decides, it will not have a big impact on the Xia family. On the contrary, the Tang and Fang families will try their best to win the support of the Xia family. Xia Zhendong deliberately asked Xia Xueling’s opinion, and this matter will surely become the most important opportunity for Xia Xueling to master Tang Mingxuan.

Xia Xueling had obviously put down Tang Mingxuan and gradually began to accept Yan Xu, but this turn of events made her see hope again. Whether to choose to stand upright beside Tang Mingxuan and start a new life, or to use this opportunity to control Tang Mingxuan and make Xia Xueling fall into a moment of entanglement.

Murphy is about to return to France. Before that, he needs to complete the work. Tang Mingxuan takes Murphy to the ramie planting base to select materials. The beautiful natural scenery attracted the two of them. Tang Mingxuan and Murphy offered to climb the mountain to relax, but Murphy accidentally twisted his ankle.

At this time, Xia Zhendong took the initiative to find Tang Qiren. After so many days of precipitation, Xia Zhendong was surprised that Tang Qiren could be so calm and could only offer help. The only condition was the marriage of Tang and Xia. Lu Dan was naturally happy to see the result, and it was also a good time to advise Tang Mingxuan, but Tang Mingxuan refused to be decisive and let Lu Dan’s breath come from his heart.

When Lu Dan married Tang Qiren since he was young, he has never enjoyed surprises and romance. It is more the hardship of provoking the family alone, and the sadness of being unaccompanied by the operation. Lu Dan admits that both his husband and wife made sacrifices for the company, so as the current vested interests, Tang Mingxuan made sacrifices for granted.

Tang Qiren couldn’t stand Lu Dan’s persecution, so he took the initiative to raise the possibility of marriage, but he himself was unwilling to persecute Tang Mingxuan. After all, Fang Qian’s example is right in front of him, but Lu Dan can’t sleep because of it, and he doesn’t want to let his son go.

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